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About The Production
It was quite a long road bringing "A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” to fruition. Writers Alex Gregory and Pete Huyck originally began writing the script in 1997 when the two were writers for HBO‟s "The Larry Sanders Show.” The idea for the screenplay derived from a story told by a fellow writer about a party he attended in the Hollywood Hills which haphazardly ended in an orgy. "We didn't believe him because we figured people our age were too full of shame, fear, and guilt to actually make a successful orgy happen.” tells Gregory. However, as outlandish as it seemed, this story sparked an idea for him and Huyck. "The more we decided it was an improbable event, the more we thought it might make an interesting ensemble comedy, because of all of the powerful emotions a sexually charged and complicated situation like an orgy could stir up.” explains Huyck.

The pair brought the first draft of the script to their TV agent who, in not so many words, told them to shelve the idea. However, they were undaunted by this initial reaction. "He was terrified that the respectable folks that run the networks would think we were either perverts or certifiably insane. Naturally, we showed it to anyone willing to read it,” jokes Gregory.

After circulation of an early draft of the script made the rounds, the pair went through a series of producers to assemble the perfect production team. Once the producers were in place, the two began to think about who should be cast in the leading role. Early on, they set their sites on Vince Vaughn and while Vaughn ultimately did not wind up in the film, his input during these primitive stages greatly influenced the direction which the story would eventually go. "Vince Vaughn gave us the single best piece of advice about the movie. We were trying to make a generational movie, and he suggested that in order to make something universally resonant, you need to make it specific and personal. It's counterintuitive, but he was right. We're both really pretty square, which is why we think this is such an uncomfortably funny area. If we were orgy guys, this would have been a hyper-realistic drama,” says Gregory.

With a new, clear direction of the plot, it was time to revisit the issue of the lead role. They did not have anyone specific in mind until Pete Huyck saw Jason Sudeikis sing karaoke at an SNL after party. At the time, Sudeikis was only writing for the show so the idea that he could play the character of Eric involved a big leap of faith. "Pete has an amazing knack for spotting talent and just from that one night, he was convinced Jason was going to be a movie star.” tells Gregory. Luckily Gregory had tremendous faith in Huyck and upon seeing Jason Sudeikis appear on "30 Rock” for the first time, he knew the gamble would pay off. As Huyck recalls, "Alex was watching with his wife, who after seeing Jason deliver his first line, said, „that guy's a leading man.‟ So, we definitely had a bad case of Sudeikisitis for a while. Then, when we were interviewing casting directors and Susie Farris' first choice for Eric was Sudeikis, so we hired her.”

With Sudeikis in place and with all characters based on either Gregory, Huyck or actual friends of theirs, they were fortunate that the ensemble cast wound up being the perfect group of young, up and coming actors to portray a group of real friends, something that was very important to the writers. "Pete is Eric, with a dash of McCrudden and both Sudeikis and Tyler Labine borrowed most of their wardrobe from Pete.” tells Gregory. "Alex is Adam, with a bit of Glenn, and as much as he's reluctant to admit, Marcus.” says Huyck.

"The fact that all the actresses are so ridiculously attractive was an accident. We fully intended to cast people who looked like what Hollywood types call 'real people,' as if actors are robots manufactured in Taiwanese factories, but the people who gave the best auditions and fit the roles the best were cast. That's it. They just happened to be really hot. Sorry, real people. Maybe next time,” jokes Huyck. Since so much of their personalities were already being portrayed in the film, it was only fitting that Gregory and Huyck made a cameo as well. If you look closely, you can see Alex as a pizza delivery man with Pete posing as one of Kelly‟s dates.

Production took place in Wilmington, North Carolina and was completed in an ambitious 30 days. The choice was made to film in Wilmington since it‟s equipped with the largest studio infrastructure on the east coast. Additionally, homes there have the same distinct architecture as homes found in the Hamptons of New York which made it ideal for filming.

Initially, there was a concern over how the locals would react to the subject matter of the film but the cast and crew quickly learned the meaning of southern hospitality by the reception they received from the residents of Wilmington. "The North Carolina crew were all amazing, skilled veterans, but with a surplus of energy and enthusiasm. And the people of Wilmington totally embraced us and our insane project. It is no small testament to the skill and ingenuity of the people of North Carolina that they are able to put vinegar in BBQ and make it delicious.” laughs Gregory.

Not one set or stage was built for the film so it was shot entirely on location. Filming took place in actual businesses and using locations in and around Wilmington. The city embraced and supported the film every step of the way from permitting to local resident participation as background extras. One business in particular, Fred‟s Beds, agreed to help out ONLY if the actual business name was used in the scene, which was particular racy and involved Eric and McCrudden going to a sex club to do research for the orgy. "Yes, we had to use the name of Fred‟s beds per their request and all locals served as extras in the sex scene. The people couldn‟t have been sweeter. We got the support of every location and homeowners and spread the word throughout the colleges and downtown Wilmington when we were looking for extras. One night, we shot a party scene overnight and they were troopers and stayed for 10 hours. Everyone was really excited to dress up for the "White Trash Bash,” recalls producer Brian Etting.

Filming in North Carolina also greatly assisted with the cultivation of real friendships among the cast members as the actors each lived in small apartments next door to each other in downtown Wilmington. While on location, everyone tried to have some fun in town. At one point, Leslie Bibb, whose aunt who lives there, threw a party for the cast and producers at her Aunt‟s residence to celebrate with her fellow cast members. During his down time, Will Forte would hang out at a coffee shop and broke the record for the highest score on the shops Donkey Kong machine while Jason Sudeikis spent his spare time doing karaoke almost every other night.

"Being away from LA, the cast had no choice but to spend lots of time together, and they bonded in a way that you can feel on screen. By the time we were filming, they weren't portraying a group of friends, they were a group of friends.” explains Huyck. Each night before they had to film their scenes, the cast would rehearse together and see if they could improvise and play with the script. This process helped production move along quickly and efficiently because by the time each actor arrived on set to do their scene, they were prepared and really sharp. "They were all so committed to making the best possible movie.” tells Etting.

When it came down to how and when the orgy scene was going to be fil


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