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Ally's Exes
The actors who play the motley bunch of Ally's ex-boyfriends bring to WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? a wide range of acting styles and experience. These special cameos help define Ally's journey and her world. Let's meet them:

RICK (Zachary Quinto) is a self-absorbed, environmentally-aggressive bike rider who makes it clear that he has no interest in furthering his relationship with Ally.

ROGER (Joel McHale) is Ally's boss, who even after firing her, isn't above trying to seduce Ally. Roger wears a suit during the day and then changes into another suit when he goes out. He's that guy.

DISGUSTING DONALD (Chris Pratt) is the "ex” whose surprise meeting with Ally triggers her quest to track down past boyfriends. When Donald and Ally first dated, he weighed 400 pounds – hence, the nickname – but now he is in great shape…and engaged.

DAVE HANSEN (Mike Vogel) was a magician-bartender able to charm coins out of a woman's most intimate places.

SIMON (Martin Freeman) is a "proper” Brit with whom Ally pretended to be English when they first dated. When Ally and Simon reunite, she must return to her lapsed, rusty English accent – to disastrous results.

GERRY PERRY (Andy Samberg) is a puppeteer to whom Ally lost her virginity. When Ally reunites with Gerry, she can't figure out who's more wooden – and crazier – Gerry or his puppet.

DR. BARRETT INGOLD (Thomas Lennon) is a gynecologist, who fails to remember or recognize Ally…until he examines her.

TOM PIPER (Anthony Mackie) is an ambitious politician with whom Ally is initially delighted to reconnect with, until the politically expedient reason behind Tom's renewed interest in Ally is revealed. .

JAKE ADAMS (Dave Annable) is rich, handsome, and best of all still a good guy. Is he the one perfect match for Ally?

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