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About The Production
WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? was filmed during the late spring/early summer 2010 throughout the historic and romantic city of Boston, where the story is set, and in the seaside town of Gloucester, on Cape Ann in Massachusetts.

Ally's apartment, a quirky blend of styles and modern eras, reflects her personality. Production designer Jon Billington notes WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER? "is the story of a woman who isn't sure of who she is. She's come to a point in her life when she's trying to escape the attachment to her mother, and I was trying to incorporate that into the details of the dressing in her apartment. So Ally has a very eclectic mix of stuff; there are things from her childhood that's been layered over with items from her more recent past. It also was important to establish Ally's connection to Boston. You can almost reach out of her apartment windows and touch the rest of the city.

"Still, the city feels slightly out of Ally's reach,” notes executive producer Nan Morales, "and metaphorically that says a lot about who Ally is. She does not quite fit in.” Not yet, anyway.


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