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Producer Statement From Rob Paris
"It was almost exactly five years ago that Abe Sylvia first walked through my door. In truth I was reluctant to take the meeting. Unknown writer? Please, I was far too important for that. And that name?! I saw visions of an old Jewish couple, arguing over sunsets in Boca. But the manager would not stop calling. And calling. So as a purely defensive act, I set the meeting. And in the grand tradition of Hollywood development executives, I didn't read his script until the night before the meeting - and even then assumed I'd look at twenty or so pages and be done. He'd come in, I'd hand him a tepid bottle of Arrowhead water and soon it would all be over.

My fantasies of a quick and efficient dismissal began to erode as I found myself devouring page after page of the script, laughing and crying in nearly equal measure as I arrived at the triumphant finish. Damn. Now what would I do? This nebbishy retired couple of a writer was on his way! I was screwed, so I braced myself for inevitable disappointment.

Then through my door walked a tall, handsome actor-looking type. Clearly he was a messenger, making a few bucks between auditions. "Hello. I'm Abe." Damn. Within minutes I could tell he was a director. It was undeniable. Ten years as a dancer and choreographer on Broadway had given him poise and confidence and had groomed him for the rigors of directing a feature film.

So, every journey begins with a first step. We shook hands that day and agreed that we would make this film. Over five years, four different financiers, twelve different budgets, twenty different actors and finally twenty five disparate locations, spread over the more picturesque enclaves of Los Angeles doubling for Oklahoma, we have a film.

I am immensely proud of this film and incredibly grateful for being given the opportunity to be a part of it.”

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