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About The Location, Production and Costume Design
To honor those die-hard fans of the original film, Craig Brewer peppered the script and visuals in the film with nods to the original. The first thing on Brewer's list was the iconic canary yellow VW Bug. "The Bug is a sign post to the fans to let them know that while the film is an update, it's still the "Footloose” that they know and love,” he says.

When it came to creating the look of each of the characters, Costume Designer Laura Jean Shannon's objective was to find the perfect balance in creating a current look for each character without veering too far away from their original's signifying looks. "Our challenge was two-fold for this project,” explains Shannon. "We did want to have moments that were nostalgic for the audience, but we also wanted to create our own movie as well. This is very much a love letter to the original and kept that in mind while we were making it.”

Many discussions were had on Ren's "look” in the film and taking into consideration his urban roots, but Brewer didn't want to stray from the essence of who Ren is, which is someone who isn't one to follow trends.

"When I was coming up with the concepts for Ren MacCormack, I wanted to incorporate Kenny's swagger and the way that he carries himself,” says Shannon. "I thought of James Dean in "Rebel without a Cause”.” I wanted him to be very accessible, but have that rock star vibe.”

An example of how Ren McCormick used his style to make a social statement was his choice of the much-ridiculed skinny tie on his first day at Bomont High. "Ren knew what he was doing when he wore the tie on the first day of school,” argues Brewer. "He knew he was going to be ridiculed for it, but I think there's a part of him that wanted that.”

The most prominent and memorable throwback to the original for Ariel's look is the iconic red leather boots. "When I saw the original as a teenager, my friends and I all desperately wanted a pair of red leather cowboy boots, so there's no way we weren't going to have them,” says Shannon.

The other piece that remained virtually unaltered in this version is Ariel's signature prom dress. The peach chiffon dress was a dramatically softer look for the rebellious girl that perfectly complimented the arc of her character. "Ariel has a huge arc in the film and it was important to me to reflect that in the clothes,” explains Shannon.

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