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How many of us have wondered that very same question about a spouse, a lover, a family member

How many of us have wondered that very same question about a spouse, a lover, a family member? Paranoia and doubt about the people closest to us is normal, psychologists say, born out of a fear of having our trust and hearts broken. But what if your deepest, darkest psychological terrors about the people you care about actually came true? What if the love of your life suddenly became the most diabolical fear of all life?

This is the nightmare faced by Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, the lovers at the heart of Rand Ravich's heart-stopping suspense thriller The Astronaut's Wife, which probes deep into the psychology of fear, the fragility of trust and the fascination with the inhuman.

Depp is Spencer Armacost, a brave, charming fly-boy turned astronaut hero who is beloved by the nation and seemingly beyond reproach. Theron is Jillian Armacost, a school-teacher, devoted wife and sensitive soul who has had her tough times but has always stood by her husband's side. Everything in their world seems close to American perfection until Spencer returns from an aborted space mission during which he experienced two minutes so terrifying that he refuses to talk about it, instead focusing enthusiastically on Jillian's unexpected pregnancy with twins.

Soon, Jillian is slowly being led by her doctors, her friends, and the man she loves more than anything into a woman's worst nightmare - and the growing suspicion that her husband and her pregnancy have taken on a fiendish nature. But is it just the normal anxieties of pregnancy or something far more insidious at work?

The struggle to discern the difference between imaginary terrors and unbearable, other wordly realities keeps Jillian in its grips, as the future of her marriage and possibly the fate of humankind hang in the balance.

Rand Ravich, who previously wrote the screenplay for Candyman, makes his directorial debut with this film that takes several classic thriller trajectories in new directions.

"I wanted to write a story that would carry the audience along on an impending sense of doom," says Ravich. "In The Astronaut's Wife the audience enters the terror of Jillian Armacost, who senses something unnatural is taking over her life and pregnancy - and the one person she loves is at the center of it."

Explains producer Andrew Lazar: "I immediately saw this as a story that revives the intense, sophisticated psychological horror movie that gets under your skin. I think what really sets it apart is that it's not just a very scary movie - it's a tragic and passionate love story about a romance that goes terribly wrong, that becomes something terrifying, evoking our most basic and primal fears."

Lazar found himself captivated by Rand Ravich's edge-of-your-seat, who-can-you-trust fantasy, which delved deeper and deeper into the emotional experience of love's flip side: apprehension and frenzy. "The story keeps you constantly guessing as to who people really are - what is real and what is not," he explains. "You can't be sure if what Jillian Armacost is going through is just her own internal nightmare or something far worse. Up until the last moment, you are caught up in her desperate anxiety, until the shocking truth is revealed."

Executive producer Mark Johnson saw The Astronaut's Wife as a movie that defies classification and expectations. "It's a love story, a space story and a horror story - but it's really about unpredictability," says Johns

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