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The Wife
Jillian Armacost, played by Charlize Theron, is an unwavering wife whose husband and reality no longer make sense to her

Jillian Armacost, played by Charlize Theron, is an unwavering wife whose husband and reality no longer make sense to her. She is either a woman on the verge of a profound nervous breakdown, or the only person in the world who realizes that the impending birth of her twins may have dire consequences for humanity.

Jillian experiences a host of reactions that are normal in pregnancy - heightened sensitivity to sound and light; fear of her body's rapid, astounding changes which can feel like mutations; concerns about the truth of her husband's devotion; unnatural appetites and a sense of being out of control. But are they normal in her case? Are they symptoms of an old emotional breakdown returned? Or . . . could it possibly be that they are hideous signs that the tiny twins inside her are something not quite human?

As her pregnancy progresses and even her trusted doctors and closest friends seem to be in on the conspiracy to hide the truth about her pregnancy, Jillian rides the terrifying line between what is imaginary and what is unimaginably true. To capture this extraordinary experience, Charlize Theron journeyed deep inside the psychology of fear and the primal instincts of survival.

"The Astronaut's Wife has what the very scariest films have going for them - it's not just about something externally monstrous; it's about emotional fears as well," states Theron. "I think it's a visually, emotionally, sensually wild experience. Jillian Armacost is a woman who finds herself in an incredible situation and she needs to find the strength within in order to survive. She has to find a way to heal herself. I think the film takes an ordinary situation like being pregnant and going a little crazy and heightens that fear of the unknown to make it extraordinary."

Theron sees Jillian as a woman who is already obsessed with shadows long before she gets pregnant. "Jillian comes from a place of questioning. She has all these dark little corners inside her, all these skeletons in her past, and then she discovers she is going to be a mother," observes the actress. "This is very frightening to her, of course. Even under perfect circumstances, she's not quite sure she's ready, but now that everything seems to be so strange with her husband acting weird and bad things happening to her husband's partner and his wife, it all seems too much."

Because Jillian has so many obvious reasons to be frightened, she questions her own sanity when bizarre events start happening to her. "Jillian certainly thinks at first that she is making this stuff up," admits Theron. "I think a lot of women do that in relationships, blame it all on themselves. She really finds herself all alone having to figure out if she is crazy or if what is happening is real."

Although Theron was intrigued by Jillian's otherworldly circumstances, she also enjoyed the essential emotional truth in Rand Ravich's script. Theron says: "I think we've all had that fear of waking up with someone you've been with for many years and realizing they've changed. They're not the same person you thought they were. And we all try to find out the truth about the people we love, only sometimes it's much more than we can handle."

The fact that Theron could handle the many facets of her character, while driving the suspense of the film, is what drew the filmmakers to cast her. "She exudes intelligence and inspires sympathy," sums up Andrew La

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