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The Cullens: A Vampire Cove In Crisis
Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, and Ashley Greene as Alice, all return playing the Cullen Coven, Edward's vampire family.

The film opens with Alice handling all the wedding plans, Edward and Bella having given her free reign on everything – the ceremony, the reception, the guest list. "Bella's the one walking down the aisle… but the wedding dress and the preparations, it's all going to be done Alice style, over-the-top, and as fabulous as it can be,” describes Godfrey.

Greene agrees, "Alice has planned a beautiful decadent wedding. It's along the lines of A Midsummer Night's Dream. She has everything planned out down to a T, down to what Bella's going to wear on her honeymoon. She has taken care of everything. Everyone knows that Alice is a party planner, but we actually finally get to see Alice in action and see her orchestrate the whole ordeal.”

Alice has enlisted the whole family, especially the mothers of the bride and groom, to help. "Esme is planning with Alice, which she's very excited about. It's a magical event, and it's really the first time Esme's gotten to be a part of a huge wedding,” says Reaser. "Sometimes she's just got to let Alice run because this is really her department - more with the dresses than with the decor. Esme's more concerned with the work on the houses, what we're going to do with flowers and the lights. The Cullens have an amazing place near the house, under the trees and by the river for the ceremony.”

The Cullen actors worked with a choreographer to pull off a dance moment during the reception. "Whenever there's a wedding, there's instant romance in the air. Alice and Jasper are part of this whole dance and it's just very romantic and we all turn into little kids again,” comments Greene. "Jackson's really been a saving grace - when I had to learn how to pitch a baseball, he knew how to pitch a baseball and taught me… and he actually knows how to dance. He's had dance training, so it's nice to have a partner that knows how to do everything. Plus, Jackson's so charming, such a gentleman, and just in general, he's very contagious. You just want to be around him.”

"Jasper and Alice have one of those relationships where he might not be into everything she's into, but he's going to support her 100%,” reveals Rathbone. "If she wants to have a crazy wedding, he's going to help her have a crazy wedding. That's the loving side of Jasper that I really love to portray, how strong he feels towards his loved ones. Jasper is a very loyal guy, which I think stems from the southern side of his character. Within the Cullen family, he would fight to the death to save any of them. At first, Jasper is a little bit standoffish towards the whole thing, but gets into it when he, Emmett, and Edward have a little bachelor party fun. Jasper's coming out of his shell a little bit, which is really nice to portray.”

Alice uses Emmett's brawn to set-up for the wedding, and even Rosalie helps with the wedding preparations. "Rosalie wants to be an active participant right now,” says Reed. "She still has her Rosalie attitude, but she makes a very conscious effort to include herself in the whole coming together process. First of all, Rosalie loves weddings anyway, because in a very classic way, she really has an appreciation for marriage.”

"Alice is basically this ray of light and sunshine running around the whole time,” laughs Greene. "She's super excited. She's planning every tiny piece of Bella's wedding and honeymoon, and then, all of that glow diminishes because some pretty heavy stuff starts going down. When Bella and Edward have to rush home from the honeymoon, it turns from a fairy tale to chaos.”

Reactions range greatly to the news of Bella's unexpected pregnancy. "The Cullens are divided,” states Meyer. "We have some people who fiercely protect Bella's choice of wanting to have this baby. On the other side are the people who only care about Bella's life. Also, Alice can't see what's happening and she would trade anything not to lose the person that's really become her sister. So it's an interesting dynamic because the members of the family are opposed to each other.”

"Rosalie really takes the lead in protecting Bella, because of her never being able to have a child of her own,” explains Godfrey. "Alice, who loves Bella as a friend, is the one pulling her back. Carlisle, of course, is just trying to solve the problems, and Edward is crushed, he feels like he's killed her. Then you've got Bella at the center of it saying ‘No, I can do this. I can carry it, and you guys can save me at the end.' So she and Edward are the cross purposes.”

"It took four books to get Rosalie and Bella finally to see eye to eye,” adds Meyer. "Rosalie's difficult. She was an interesting character to work with in the early novels because she doesn't want to play. She doesn't want to be a part of this human's world because she's so jealous of everything that Bella is not choosing. When Bella is in a position where she can have this impossible child, she now does exactly what Rosalie would have done and for the first time Rosalie understands. She wants to protect Bella's choice because it's what she would have done. Then, there is a little side element where she really wants the baby.”

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” laughs Godfrey. "There's a bit of a detente in Eclipse between the two of them, but now Rosalie is helping Bella, but much for her own reasons. It's not so much that she's all the sudden in love with Bella, but she's in love with the idea of this child and wanting to be a part of it.”

"She's perhaps a little bit too avid of a supporter,” adds Rosenberg. "It's an interesting dynamic. Is Rosalie protecting Bella or is Rosalie protecting the child? It's a complicated relationship. When this baby comes along, something comes out in Rosalie that is completely unexpected… a softness. She's fulfilled in an interesting way. But she's a very fierce advocate of the pregnancy.”

"Rosalie has a very strong connection to the baby because she has an innate desire to be a mom,” comments Stewart. "You can see in her eyes that she'd kill the whole family if they destroyed that life. It's not necessarily Bella that she's protecting in the beginning. What's cool is Bella and Rosalie develop a bond based on the baby, and once Renesmee is born, as friends they can stand up and say, ‘We were the ones who made this happen.'”

"Bella has a special place in Rosalie's mind now because she's the incubator for this magical thing. But her priority is this baby,” confirms Reed. "Rosalie is doing any and everything she possibly can to make sure that Bella stays alive. In that sense, she and Bella are on the same wavelength, because all Bella wants too is for this baby to survive. Bella's even willing to kill herself for the baby. Rosalie is coming from a completely different place than everyone else. While the rest of the family is not only terrified, but also disgusted and horrified that Bella would even be willing to risk her life, I was going through a completely different range of emotions. Rosalie thinks this could be the answer to everything. This is fantastic. It's the best thing ever. There's hope for the first time in her future.”

Emmett lovingly sides with his mate. "I do whatever that woman tells me to do. I'm all for the kid… and trying to keep

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