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The Wolves: The Pack Splits
Reprising their wolf pack characters from The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse are Native American/First Nation actors: Chaske Spencer as pack alpha Sam Uley, Alex Meraz as Paul Lahote, Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call, Bronson Pelletier as Jared Cameron, and Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara. Tinsel Korey also appears once again as Sam's fiancée Emily

Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart see the roles they originated in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse expand as siblings Leah and Seth Clearwater join Jacob's new wolf pack.

Other members of the Quileute Indian Nation returning include: Gil Birmingham as Jacob's father Billy Black, and Alex Rice as Leah and Seth's mother Sue Clearwater.

Several new Quileute characters will also be seen in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. They include: Braydon Jimmie as Collin Littlesea, Swo-wo MDF Gabriel as Brady Fuller, and introducing four year-old Sienna Joseph as Claire Young. Tanaya Beatty also appears as Rebecca Black, Jacob's sister and love interest of Paul.

The purpose of the wolves is to protect humans from vampires, but as the film begins, the Cullen Coven – as well as future vampire Bella - is no longer seen as a threat. "The pack has accepted a technical breach in the treaty. Working with the Cullens in Eclipse has changed their perspective. They're still the enemy, but they're not that bad of an enemy. Bella clearly has made her decision to join the Cullens, but she's not being coerced into becoming a vampire, so Sam's going to let it slide. Jacob, of course, doesn't feel the same way. He thinks that Bella transforming, is worse than her dying,” explains Meyer.

"Sam Uley is the alpha male, but he wasn't supposed to be… Jacob is the rightful heir,” explains Spencer. "Jacob is eventually going to have to take up that mantle. I'm really looking forward to that, because we see a different side of Sam's trials and tribulations. Sam is the alpha male, but he didn't want it. Sam is doing his job… he has to do what he has to do. Sam's an everyman. When there are dangerous situations, it's usually the person who doesn't want the responsibility, who rises to the top and takes it. I like exploring that part of a character… the reluctant hero, like John McClane in Die Hard.”

When Bella returns from the honeymoon, unturned but instead pregnant, the loyalties within the pack are strained to the breaking point. "They fear the child will be an abomination because Bella's a human and Edward's a vampire,” explains Gordon. "I'm taken aback, why would this girl do this to herself? She really takes breathing for granted. We have to find a solution and Sam's solution is to go right for her jugular. Jacob doesn't like that idea because she's pretty much the love of his life, so he stands up to Sam.”

"Bella is most likely going to die and the wolves are pretty upset that this is happening on their watch,” adds Houseman. "Tensions are really building between the vampires and the wolf pack, and eventually it's going to spill over.”

When Jacob leaves the pack, Seth and eventually Leah follow him. "Leah's one of the more troubled characters in the franchise,” comments Jones. "She is heartbroken, very angry and just tortured by being around the boys all the time. In Breaking Dawn, she actually gets a bit of a break, which is awesome to play. As soon as the love of her life Sam phased into a wolf, he then imprinted on her cousin Emily. How do you understand something that's completely not in the realm of reality? Somebody that you trusted and knew so implicitly is all of a sudden literally somebody else. So trying to wrap your head around that, in the midst of being the only girl wolf, is pretty challenging.”

"Leah emerges as a really interesting and sympathetic character here,” comments Condon. "She doesn't have any particular fondness for Jacob, but bonds with him in their shared sense of loss and being outside of people who are coupling. For the moment at least, they are both losers in love and these actors – Julia Jones and Taylor Lautner - really captured that very well. Julia was very fun to work with and she's a very good actress.”

Wolf telepathy only works with the members of your own pack, so once Leah leaves, she can only hear Jacob and Seth. "Leah joins them, not out of any desire to protect the Cullens, but just to be in a different pack from Sam,” adds Meyer. "Her ex-boyfriend not being able to read her mind all the time looks like a lovely thing to her, so she joins Jacob for very selfish reasons.”

Jacob's pack patrols the perimeter of the Cullen property, preventing Sam's pack from attacking. "Leah is very conflicted because she hates the Cullens… she still sees them as the cause for her whole world being turned upside down,” says Jones. "Protecting them, and Bella whom she especially hates, is incomprehensible. But at the same time, she wants to get away from the tortured world of hearing Sam's thoughts and being teased all the time by the pack. But she does find that protecting the Cullens gives her a sense of purpose and she feels a deep connection to Jacob, plus she's very protective of her brother Seth. For Leah, at this point, she doesn't have anything else. She is as comfortable as she gets, we're with Jacob all the time and mostly in wolf form, and it's a new life.”

"Seth is the opposite of Leah in every way. He's happy all the time, and jumping all over the place,” laughs Jones. "He loves the Cullens and everything is always great in Seth's world, which is pretty phenomenal given the circumstances. Leah also has a lot of maternal instincts that are just not being expressed, so I think some of that gets transferred to Seth and maybe, to Jacob a little too.”

"Booboo's a lot like Seth, actually. He's extremely energetic, sweet, and eager to help,” comments Condon. "A great presence on set."

"When Seth follows him, Jacob's totally opposed and tells Seth to go home. ‘I don't want you here… I'm going to do deal with my problems on my own.' But Seth shows he'll support Jacob, be a friend, and do whatever Jacob wants, so Jacob accepts that,” says Lautner. "Then Leah shows up and once again, Jacob feels we don't need you here. But, Leah can't go back to Sam and deal with the wolf telepathy constantly reminding her of his love for her cousin Emily. Jacob respects that and accepts Leah as well. So, we've got a three pack.”

"Seth is loyal, happy, and awesome,” laughs Booboo Stewart. "He's trustworthy and he wants everyone to get along. Seth really looks up to Jacob, who is his idol. Seth wants to do everything Jacob does… wants to go wherever Jacob goes. He loves Leah, but there are times definitely when Seth wishes that it was just him and Jacob... a two man pack off on their own doing their cool stuff, without having to worry about his sister tagging along.”

"Julia Jones is awesome and really fun,” adds Stewart. "She's a hard worker and is always really prepared, she gets her stuff done in one or two takes. She's cool, nothing like her character at all. Her character's very straightforward and angry all the time, but Julia's really nice and just funny.”

The young Quileute even attended Bella and Edward's wedding at the Cullen's home. "Seth had a transformative experience in Eclipse when he worked together with Edward,” explains Meyer. "He really bonded with him and sees him as a hero, rather than a villain. Edward's a cool guy and Seth really thinks he's awesome. So when the pack turns on his friend, he doesn't think it's right. He leaps at the opport

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