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The Humans
Billy Burke reprises his iconic role as Bella's father and Forks Chief of Police Charlie Swan. Sarah Clarke, from Twilight and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, returns as Renée Dwyer to share the joy of her daughter Bella's wedding; Ty Olsson (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) plays her husband Phil Dwyer.

The father of the bride is not thrilled about his teen-aged daughter getting married. "Charlie's reached a quiet resignation,” comments Burke. "Would he put Bella's wedding on his list of things that he'd love to happen in his life… no. But he realizes that his daughter is her own person and she's going to do what she's going to do. She's going to follow her heart and, as a father, he has to respect that.” "

The mutual respect that Bella and Charlie have for each other has grown over the course of these movies. When Kristen and I first met, the relationship was much like it was on screen in the first film. As we've all grown to know each other, that lent itself very well to Charlie and Bella's relationship growing as well,” adds Burke.

Renée struggles with her own insecurities, preparing for the wedding. "There's a little bit of an inferiority complex going on,” reveals Clarke. "She sees this whole life that Bella's been invited into and I think, there's this feeling of ‘wow Bella's really risen above all my expectations.' The Cullens are such elegant, albeit strange people, so beautiful and talented. When Renée sees their house and what they've done with the wedding, and how well they've taken care of her… she's wowed. She might be even a little envious. But, for the most part I think she's really proud of Bella and what she's becoming.”

"What's wonderful about Renée is she gives her advice, but she knows she lived her life impulsively,” reveals Clarke. "The relationship between Renée and Bella has always been yin and yang, because Renée was so impulsive it made Bella very responsible, wanting to hold down the fort. When Bella decides to marry Edward, Renée's just so happy to see her daughter spreading her wings and flying. She pretty much knows she's got it together. Renée is pretty confident that Bella can take care of herself at this point."

Bella and Edward's friends from their days at Forks High School also appear as wedding guests: Oscar®-nominated Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air) as Jessica Stanley, Michael Welch as Mike Newton, Christian Serratos as Angela Weber, and Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie. Angela's father Minister Weber, played by Angelo Renai, performs the ceremony.

"In this movie, part of the process of these characters growing up is that they're saying goodbye to an old group of friends, their old high school mates. It was fun to finally have those actors back, at the end of our shooting schedule when we did the wedding. I'd never met them before, but they're all just incredibly fun,” comments Condon. "Anna Kendrick and Mike Welch got up and just gave the most wonderful and awkward toasts…some scripted, some ad-libbed. But, that was such a crucial part of the first movie, and there was something very special happening when those guys showed up on set.”

Kendrick comments, "Jessica doesn't really change that much. That's one of the things that I love and hate about her is that she's static. She's got this arrested development, high school, mean girl thing. The way she feels about Bella is basically the same. She's warmed to her a little bit, but she still sees Bella as this new girl who comes in and gets all the attention that Jessica is used to, or just wishes that she had. So, she's not much of a grower, and that's the sad and funny thing about her.”

"Mike is just shocked that there are so many good looking people showing up in our small town. There's only 400 people in our town and, and half of us are supermodels?” questions Welch. "Mike is just confused. He would've had a perfectly legitimate try with Bella for, at least, a high school relationship. It wouldn't have lasted more than six months, if that. But look at whom he is competing against! For a nice, small town high-school kid, he doesn't understand. How could I compete with these people? Mike is just amazed at the gene pool that exists in this family.”

Angela is more supportive of the marriage than the others. "Princess Diana's got nothing on Bella's wedding because it's just so grand and everything's so beautiful and it all flows so naturally,” comments Serratos. "Not only are Edward and Bella in the kind of relationship that every young girl strives to get, but also then they get to have this incredible wedding. Everyone's going to be on pins and needles to see the beautiful sparkles and glitz and glamour.”

The group was thrilled to be back together again. "I always have fun with Anna, Christian, and Justin,” says Welch. "We're all so comfortable with each other at this point. It's such a safe thing, that we really feel we have room to explore and play and find something. We just have a short, quick little scene written but hopefully, we'll bring something extra to the table.”

"What I love is that the cast has gotten so grand that you meet all these great people and make friendships,” adds Serratos. "We humans, the four of us, never work separately from each other, so we've created this really great bond. Anytime I come to film, I'm with them. This time, I flew to Canada alone, and I felt naked. Where are my other humans?”

The four have witnessed the phenomenon from the beginning. "This thing has a mind of its own. It feels like it's running itself. It's this machine,” comments Welch. "On that first one, it really was this little independent film and we were all just thrown into the situation and tried to make something out of it. Now, it's become this culturally iconic piece and it's been really remarkable to be a part of it. I've been acting since I was a kid, and when you've been in it for a while, you start to realize that things like this really don't happen very often. I know a lot of actors who go a whole lifetime without being a part of anything even close to this. So, I'm so grateful for every second I've had with this franchise.”

The returning actors appreciated the time they spent with director Bill Condon. "He's just a gracious director and I can tell he loves to work with actors,” comments Chon. "He's open to ideas and if you've seen any of his movies, you know he's really amazing at what he does. I feel fortunate to work with him.”

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