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No Small Feet
It's time to play the music…it's time to light the lights…

The Muppets have long been known for their big musical numbers, so filmmakers made sure that Disney's "The Muppets” not only maintained the tradition but hit it out of the park. Both original songs and classic audience favorites are featured in the film, designed to maximize the fun and envelop audiences in the best of Muppet mayhem.

Bret McKenzie serves as music supervisor for Disney's "The Muppets.” "I know Bret from ‘Flight of the Conchords,' says director James Bobin. "We used to watch ‘The Muppet Show' quite a lot when we were writing ‘The Conchords' together. We'd watch ‘Mah Na Mah Na' and ‘Hugga Wugga' during breaks. In one of our ‘Conchords' episodes, we even included a Muppets tribute. So we love the Muppets. We thought about songs from the previous movies and how that would feel now. We thought about Jason and Amy—Jason's a good singer and has some moves, and Amy's obviously a fantastic singer and dancer. The music is incredibly important because of the rich tradition of Muppet music.”

"Music was always an integral part of the original Muppet show and Muppet films,” adds McKenzie. "It's hard to think of the Muppets without thinking of songs like ‘Rainbow Connection' or ‘Mah Na Mah Na,' or Animal smashing a drum. Kermit is probably the world's most famous banjo player. I loved the original Muppets sound and I wanted this film to stay in that world. I tried to use as much banjo as possible.”

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