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Christophe Beck was called on to create the score for Disney's "The Muppets.” "My job is to help tell the story musically, providing a sort of emotional glue,” says Beck. "I had to pay special attention to blending the many styles of music so that it felt cohesive.”

Like McKenzie, Beck recognized the importance of music in Muppet history. "‘Rainbow Connection' has essentially been synonymous with the Muppets since the first movie in 1979,” says the composer. "But there is a rich tradition of scores there too: Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino have scored Muppets movies. Part of the tradition is that the music takes the Muppet characters seriously, treating them like real people with real emotions and conflicts.”

Beck utilized a full orchestra to express the breadth of emotion on screen. "To give things more character, I featured some solo orchestra instruments I feel are typically underused—tuba, cimbasso, timpani and bass clarinet, among others. I also found spots to use nonorchestral instruments—Kermit plays the banjo, after all—to bring more personality into the music and make it feel more tailored to the Muppets.”

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