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For Ben Kingsley, bringing the ‘Father of Narrative Filmmaking' to life was only one of the benefits of performing in "Hugo.” Kingsley posits, "The characters are so rich, and the actors playing them so gifted, they really have found the joy, the glory and the surprise that one usually finds in an animated film. But it goes far beyond that—Martin has used the natural eccentricities and energies of the performers to great effect. It's got mystery, it's funny and moving. The set is breathtakingly beautiful; the toys in my shop are exquisite. The colors, the 3D…it's terribly entertaining, and wonderful in the most literal sense.”

From first seeing "A Trip to the Moon,” to watching his illustrated novel transformed into a film, author Brian Selznick maintained his gratitude and sense of wonder: "Watching the movie now, I think about myself as a child drawing day and night, and I think about Martin Scorsese in the cinema with his father, and Thelma Schoonmaker growing up in Aruba, and John Logan watching Laurence Olivier as Hamlet, and Dante Ferretti sitting in a clock tower in Italy. I marvel at the long, unexpected twists and turns that led us here…children from all over the world who grew up and came together to collaborate on a movie about two lonely kids who find their purpose in a train station in Paris.”

Scorsese closes, "As a moviemaker, I feel that everything done in film today began with Georges Méliès. And when I go back and look at his original films, I feel moved and inspired, because they still carry the thrill of discovery over 100 years after they were made; and because they are among the first, powerful expressions of an art form that I've loved, and to which I've devoted myself for the better part of my life.”


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