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With TEACHING MRS. TINGLE, Kevin Williamson brings forth a hip, energetic and wickedly smart film about a three best friends who attempt to take their fates into their own hands, only to watch them veer wildly out of control. Treachery meets hilarity as the students turn the tables on their torturous teacher, hoping to finagle her into fairness but instead touching off a series of hilarious hair-pin turns and comic misadventures. As a cat-and-mouse game between students and teacher unfolds, one thing is clear: the only way to beat Mrs. Tingle is to outsmart her.

Like every person who has ever attended school, Kevin Williamson had a Mrs. Tingle lurking in his past, a nefarious woman who threatened to ruin what should have been his happy-go-lucky teenage years. Her memory haunted him long after graduation.

"She had it out for me from day one," Williamson recalls. "She knew that I wanted to be a writer, that I wanted to be a storyteller, and she did everything she could to cripple that. Our final assignment was to write a short story and she stopped me halfway through my reading it to the class and said: 'That's disgusting. Your voice shouldn't be heard. Give up any hope of being a writer.' I believed her for ten years."

Ironically, after that decade of inexpression, Williamson took a screenwriting class at UCLA and was inspired to get his revenge - writing with comic abandon an irreverent tale about a brilliant young valedictorian-to-be caught up in out-of-control events when she is forced to fight for the honors she deserves. Williamson says: "Ultimately, I was grateful for my own Mrs. Tingle. It's funny that criticism can at first paralyze you and then it can fuel you..

Fuel him it did into a fiercely funny match of wits between three savvy students - a valedictorian, a rebel and an aspiring actress -- and their history teacher. The resulting comedy was to become his first screenplay: TEACHING MRS. TINGLE. It was penned at a time when few writers dared to bring elements of wicked humor and sly suspense to young adult characters - but all that was about to change, thanks in part to Williamson.

Soon Williamson's career was taking off, with the devilishly clever teen thrillers Scream, Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. He also created the hit television series Dawson's Creek. But throughout his success, TEACHING MRS. TINGLE kept beckoning.

"It was my first screenplay and I was so close to it because it came from my own experience. It was my most passionate and autobiographical script, the first thing that really opened me up. Since I was looking for my first chance to direct, it made sense for me to come back to MRS. TINGLE," he explains.

Williamson was also drawn to the unique tone of his first work - which is less macabre and more out-right comical, a fresh and exhilarating adventure with laugh-out-loud twists that keep the audience guessing. "This is an ultra-wicked comedy about ultra-bright kids who get involved in something much bigger than they ever expected," he explains.

Adds Cathy Konrad, who served as a producer on both Scream and Scream 2: "The first thing I ever read of Kevin's was his script for MRS. TINGLE. I always loved it and I remember Kevin saying for years 'someday someone will let me direct this.' When the time came, I wanted to do everything possible to make it the best experience he could have."

She continues: "It's no mystery that we're all deeply impacted by people in positions of influence and authority w

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