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About The Design & Production

From the beginning, Kevin Williamson wanted TEACHING MRS. TINGLE to be as visually jazzy as it is verbally witty. He also had an image of what he wanted inside Mrs. Tingle's private residence: lots of surprises. Explains production designer Naomi Shohan: "Kevin and I discussed what Mrs. Tingle's house would be like and we figured that the kids would discover in there a person who had all sorts of facets they weren't expecting," explains Shohan.

The filmmakers chose for Mrs. Tingle an elegant Victorian house in Pasadena, split by a mysterious spiral staircase - a layout that matches the constant shifts and turns of plot and ups and downs of the fate of Leigh Ann Watson and Mrs. Tingle.

In addition to Mrs. Tingle's Victorian house, scenes were also shot in Rose City High School in Pasadena and Culver City High School. But no matter where the production was shooting, the scene became known to cast and crew as "Camp Tingle" - a fun place where anything could happen, as long as it was clever, funny or shocking.

Summarizes Kevin Williamson: "There was such incredible chemistry among everyone on the set, especially the three young stars and Helen. Helen became a wonderful role model for Katie, Barry and Marisa. And of course that comes off in the work, in the spirit of fun in the piece."

With TEACHING MRS. TINGLE, Williamson had his first opportunity to explore directing - a task at which he appeared to be a natural. Observes Michael McKean: "Kevin was wide open to the experience of directing. The really great thing about him is that he clearly knows his stuff but he's always ready to learn more.

Williamson hopes that's exactly how his young protagonist Leigh Ann Watson might take on the world - with a willingness to learn more and go after what she wants. He says: "I hope audiences find this movie to be funny, wicked and incredibly entertaining but in addition I hope they take away the idea that we have all had bad experiences that can later become assets in life. You can turn the tables."


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