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Long before there was "There's Something About Mary," Peter Farrelly was writing something much more personal, intimate and poignant — yet still outrageously funny

Long before there was "There's Something About Mary," Peter Farrelly was writing something much more personal, intimate and poignant - yet still outrageously funny. His very first novel, Outside Providence, was finished long before he and brother Bobby became Hollywood's hottest comedy filmmaking team. The story, drawn from his own experiences growing up in Rhode Island in the 70s, mixed a heartfelt tale about family and friends with such absurdly funny Farrelly trademarks as damaged dogs, the crazy pursuit of women, bizarre bodily functions and sexual acts gone awry.

Years later, Farrelly was approached by fellow Rhode Island native Michael Corrente about turning the novel into a screenplay. At the time, Corrente was a fledgling playwright and the Farrellys were working on a script called "Dumb and Dumber." But by the time OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE began production, Corrente had directed two highly acclaimed feature films

--"Federal Hill" a buddy story set among Italian-Americans in Rhode Island; and the screen adaptation of David Mamet's "American Buffalo" - and the Farrellys were redefining American comedy with a bold, unhinged humor that explored forbidden areas via an irresistible innocence.

Michael Corrente explains the early genesis of OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE: "I had bought Peter Farrelly's novel for a buck at a used bookshop. I came from Rhode Island, the book was about Rhode Island, so for a dollar I figured how bad can it be? I started reading it and I went bananas. I started hollering because it was one of the funniest things I'd ever read. It just reminded me so much of my youth in the 70s - the insanity of being that age. It really had the potential to deliver much more than most teen comedies. And immediately I thought, I'm going after this to make it into a movie."

Corrente hunted down Peter Farrelly and told him he wanted to adapt the book for the screen. It was something Farrelly had thought about doing eventually but with his career taking off in another direction, it was a project on permanent hold. Immediately, Corrente hit it off with the brothers. He was inspired by their constant comedic instincts; they were impressed with his story-telling flair. It seemed the perfect combination to make OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE into a movie, mixing the hijinx style for which the Farrellys are known with Corrente's darker, dramatic sensibilities. From the beginning, the trio agreed that all three would collaborate on the screenplay but that Corrente possessed the right qualities to direct OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE.

'They always wanted someone like me to direct it because they knew this story had to have a different style than their big Hollywood movies while keeping their sense of humor," explains Corrente. "I mean you watch 'There's Something About Mary' and this is really who the Farrellys are - the sweetest, silliest guys you ever met. They know what they're doing in that arena and that's what they want to stick to for now. I was more used to ensemble dramas, to tighter character pieces, so it all made sense when we brought it together."

Says Bobby Farrelly: "This is much more of a drama than we're used to filming. It's something different because the humor in this work comes much more from the characters themselves, not just from the funny gags. We're used to slapstick, but Michael channeled the humor not only into the action but into the characters themselves. He's<

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