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The Score
Given the historical reach and impact of the Red Tails story, Hemingway sought to find a composer who understood how to subtly add feeling without being overpowering. "I also wanted to keep the soundtrack period, but I wanted to make it contemporary at the same time," he says.

Hemingway selected Terence Blanchard, whose discography of film scores include Inside Man, Cadillac Records and Malcolm X. Blanchard saw Red Tails as an opportunity to stretch. "I knew coming in that the score had to be sweeping and broad, since that is what George Lucas is used to," he says. "The emotions behind the people are probably the most important character in this film. I wanted the soundtrack to convey the emotions that they were going through."

Continues Blanchard, "The thing that's beautiful about working on a film like this for me is that the intensity is in the performance of the actors and I just needed to bring in some music that slightly enhanced what they were doing. I had to stay out of the way, because I didn't want to screw around with their performances."

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