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OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE was shot on location in Rhode Island, where for 36 days the local terrain was timewarped back to the 70s

OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE was shot on location in Rhode Island, where for 36 days the local terrain was timewarped back to the 70s. Corrente took over Providence's Cranston Street Armory, turning it into makeshift soundstages where much of the interior action was shot. Costume designer Annie Dunn spent her nights reading through 1970s Rhode Island high school yearbooks looking for that authentic Disco-Era-In-Pawtucket look. "I even contacted some of the people in the photographs to see if they still had their old clothes," she laughs. "It was a lot of fun finding the right stuff. We had decided ahead of time we didn't want a 'costumey' look but a more realistic one." And, she adds: "There isn't a thrift shop in Rhode Island I haven't visited."

Also key to the look of OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE was the use of two distinct film stocks for the grainer Pawtucket portions of Tim Dunphy's life and the lighter, brighter, more romantic period at the Cornwall Academy. Director of photography Richard Crudo, who has photographed all of Michael Corrente's films to date, specifically set out to shoot in two diametrically opposed styles within a single story. "For blue-collar, low-down Pawtucket we used cool, blue tones, deep shadows, no filtration, hard light and a harsher, grainer stock," he explains, "while at the school we went for a prettier, softer look, more diffuse, yellow-toned and much warmer. I think it was very effective in setting the two tones of Dunph' s adolescence."

Crudo, a Rhode Island native like Corrente and the Farrellys, also had a chance with OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE to really explore the imagery of his home town. "We shot Providence from one end to the other and everything in between on this movie," he notes. "We brought out a lot of new textures that have never been seen in Michael Corrente' s films before."

For the cast, life in a small town where everybody knows each other was a new experience. Says Hatosy: "I didn't realize how small Providence was until we got there. When you started to notice that half the people who worked on the movie were somehow related to the director, it hit you just how small it was."

The cast lived in Providence during production, soaking up the local atmosphere and dialect. "We basically hung out with the crazy characters who live there . . . one of them being Michael," explains Hatosy. "He and his friends and the Farrellys loved to sit around telling stories with as many grotesque, disgusting details as possible. That's the kind of guys they are and that's the kind of guys we play in the movie. But it was incredibly fun because Michael's like a god in Providence. All day long we had these big Italian guys coming around to and saying 'Hey, let me feed you.' As Dunph would say, Michael's a good shit.".

Continues Alec Baldwin: "Michael is rare. He's very generous of spirit, he's very warm and funny, and he's also very passionate - and just below the surface is this wonderful sense that he's just a little nutty. But it was a pleasure to work on a film that is so personal and meaningful to the director. It made this movie one of the best experiences I've ever had on a set."

Baldwin also applauds Corrente's commitment to the local community via filmmaking. "He uses all l


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