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About The Film's Songs
With his specific vision for all of Studio Ghibli's films, Hayao Miyazaki invests his entire creative energy into every aspect of his films. This hands-on collaboration with his other filmmakers includes the all-important music that underscores the story. For "The Secret World of Arrietty," Suzuki had an epiphany. He had heard a CD by the French singer/songwriter Cécile Corbel and instantly knew that she had the right sound for his movie. He located her and wrote an impassioned request:


Dear Cécile,

Let me get straight to the point. I would like you to make theme songs for Ghibli's new film "Arrietty." Your voice and music inspired me from the first moment I heard it and I realized, this is what I've been looking for!

Your CD reached me when the director and I talked about theme songs and singers. I usually don't listen to CDs, simply because too many of them keep coming to me from all over the world. However, I just grabbed your CD when I was at a loss for an answer. It inspired me. In a few short minutes I knew it was you that I was looking for. At that night, our director Yonebayashi listened to your music and he gave me the go-ahead right away.

This movie is his debut as a director. He is a young and trusted animator. In other words, he is the future of Studio


I would like you to write two theme songs for Arrietty and Shawn.

That's it for now. Be patient and wait until you see the ending.

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