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About The Subjects
A successful entrepreneur and former high school teacher and football coach, BILL COURTNEY began volunteering at Manassas High School in 2004 after founding his company, Classic American Hardwoods, Inc. which is less than a mile from the school.

CHAVIS - Player
An intimidating presence on and off the field, CHAVIS DANIELS returned to Manassas for his junior year after spending 15 months in a youth penitentiary. Raised by a single mother and blessed with incredible athletic ability, Chavis also wrestles with personal demons that threaten to undermine both the team and his prospects for a brighter future.

An undersized offensive lineman and classic overachiever, MONTRAIL "MONEY" BROWN excels between the chalk lines and in the classroom through sheer determination. He lives with his grandmother in N. Memphis and knows his lone hope for escaping the neighborhood is to receive an academic scholarship to college.

O.C. - Player
The star player on the Manassas Tigers, left tackle O.C. BROWN skipped a grade in middle school because of his size. He's struggled to keep up academically and enters his senior year under great pressure to raise his test scores in order to qualify for the college athletic scholarships that have begun pouring in.


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