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The Musical Score

During the film's post-production phase, another major player joined the project - not for another of the film's cameos, but to fashion a key component of the movie: the musical score. Pop music superstar Elton John, a fan of Brooks' work, was introduced by his friend Stone to Brooks. At the suggestion of USA Films chairman Scott Greenstein, John took on the challenge of writing a purely instrumental score for The Muse.

While he had scored the songs for the 1994 animated musical The Lion King, John's new score for The Muse represents his first since 1971's Friends. As a bonus, John also reteamed with his longtime collaborator, lyricist Bernie Taupin, to contribute a song that will be heard over the closing credits of The Muse.

But it's the music that will surprise, and delight, John's legion of fans worldwide. "To write a cue that brings me [on-screen] from the car to the living room - that's something [Elton's] just not really done [before]," Brooks told Daily Variety. "I think I was a good fit for him, because, having gotten to know him, [I told him,] 'I could never see you doing 95 minutes of music showing Steven Seagal being afraid.'"

"The score is very string-based. But there are a few passages where it's just him playing piano, and it's really pretty. Elton's got these melodies in his head that are very much his own. It was sort of 'Eltonized.' He made [the score] his own, but to me it has more of a timeless feel to it."


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