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SILENT HOUSE premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah in January 2011. The attending audience witnessed a cut that will not be seen when it is released in theaters. "This is a new cut which wasn't at Sundance," Kentis reveals. "We see this as a different movie than what was at the festival. We reshot the entire last 15 minutes of the film."

"We also made some changes at the beginning to quicken the pace, we cut and added scenes, we made dialogue changes throughout and we completely redid the sound work and remixed the film" adds Lau.

"It was great to have the film seen with an audience at Sundance and we were really grateful to have the opportunity to improve the film," Kentis goes on to say.

While Kentis and Lau are currently circling a few projects, whatever does come next, it is guaranteed they'll be working together. The former says, "We're on the same page and we have the same taste. I think we bring different talents and different core interests to the table. Same project, same taste, same end goal, but a different point of view." That's the nature of collaboration.


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