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An Interview With Maggie Grace
What appealed to you in the script?
- When I first read the script, I kept laughing out loud. I loved it immediately. It reminded me of films I loved back when action movies were really funny. It doesn't take itself too seriously, it has a sense of fun and it's irreverent, and it has some great one-liners. I was excited about it. I was like, When do we shoot it?

How would you describe your character?
- Emilie Warnock is the American president's daughter. She's been raised in a fairly sheltered, regimented sort of vacuum. She has a lot of stepping up to the plate to do in this film. I think it's Snow's irreverence that pushes her buttons. Gradually, we realize that she can't really do anything by the book, and she's following a man for lack of better options, but really from his attitude, he might just as well be one of the escaped psychotic criminals. I didn't really research real presidents' daughters, but I actually have a lot of admiration for the way Chelsea Clinton or Laura Bush have handled themselves.

What's Emilie's relationship with Snow?
- Snow is a little bit of an antihero. He's very snide and insincere, ironic and caustic. I like him. The relationship that develops with Emilie Warnock is that kind of tit-for-tat, give-as-good-as-you-get tension, but unexpectedly, they make a good team.

How did the physical training go?
- I love masculine energy. Growing up, my best friends were always guys and I like having big brothers around. So I find that combat training is a really good surrounding. I do a little extra combat training so I can show off my bloody knuckles.

Does working with two filmmakers affect the way the actors are directed?
- James Mather and Stephen St. Leger have been a team for so long and they have a shorthand that is practically telepathic. You're never getting different direction from two sides. Maybe, if they're ironing something out on the fly, they know each other so well, there's just a kind of look and suddenly they're in a unified party line.


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