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Old Gray Lady
Filming on the massive set pieces of Battleship commenced on location in Oahu, with the project marking Berg's second directorial effort in Hawaii. The state had previously doubled for the Brazilian jungle in his 2003 action hit, The Rundown.

While there were many reasons for choosing Hawaii as the film's backdrop, Stuber cites its storied history in the annals of WWII, where battleships were instrumental to the Allies' efforts in the Pacific battle theater, as well as the poignancy of this location that so changed the course of mankind. He explains: "We set our story at Pearl Harbor so we could honor these historical references. We also cast actual WWII Navy veterans, and we brought back the iconic WWII battleship, USS Missouri, and gave it a key role." The producer reflects on the poignancy of Japan and America's modern-day partnership. "Every year, the RIMPAC exercises serve as a reminder of how far we've come. Now, in Battleship, to watch American and Japanese sailors working closely together to fight a common enemy was quite a powerful visual for all involved in the production.

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