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Clothing the Dwarves
Once the principals and doubles had been through prosthetics, hair or wig application and makeup, they were finally ready to get into costume. "The dwarves were one of the main challenges for me, as each of those characters had a personality," says Atwood. "Mathematically it was simple because it was all about proportion, but if I managed to get the head-and-shoulders ratio right between a principal and his double, I couldn't make the body thing work. We ended up using body suits on some of the actors and doubles to make the bodies correspond, and then exaggerated the dwarf quality in the principal actor."

The body suits had to be specifically designed to re-create the body shape of each principal actor and his double. Indeed, they were intended to change the methodology of the actor. The costume design became an incredibly important part of the technicalities behind the suit design, which can appear to lower the crotch and change the shapes of the arms, legs and body.

Even though this story exists in a fantastical world, it was still grounded in a time period that one could believe. From the beginning of preproduction, Atwood collaborated with Sanders, prosthetics and the hair and makeup teams to achieve this feat. The costume designer says: "Rupert talked to us all about how he wanted Snow White and the Huntsman to be a bit edgier than just a fairy tale."

If you look close enough, you'll notice that Atwood subtly incorporated the characters' personalities into the costumes. "Duir and Coll are the buddy trailblazers," explains Atwood. "They have a rustic frontier, so we needed to give them weapons. Muir and Quert have a more demure, spiritual side to them. Nion is outgoing and comedic, and then we have the salty dogs, Beith and Gort. The concept was that all of these guys are magpies, they steal and stash treasure all over the woodlands, but also carry a bit of bling under their coats."

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