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About The Suit
Creating a new vision for Spider-Man also meant creating a new vision for how he gets around: a new suit and new web-shooters. "We were trying to create a suit that looked and felt as if Peter could make it himself, and it was important for the suit to enhance the lean physique of Spider-Man, and for him to have a rather spidery quality about him," says costume designer Kym Barrett. "I began with the idea that Peter Parker creates the spider costume in his computer. Marc wanted to present an electronic world, with evidence of technology everywhere, so our Spider-Man suit needed to become part of this world. We used Andrew Garfield's physique to determine how and where the lines flowed across the body for the suit, so the lines had geometric form from any angle."

For the material of the suit, the filmmakers had an equally wide array of inspirations. "We looked at Winter Olympics athletes' suits and bicyclists' clothing as a starting point," adds Arad. "Lightweight, athletic, stretchy materials which Peter could use for inspiration for his suit."

They also kept in mind that the film would be shot in 3D, and the designers looked for ways to incorporate texture that would enhance the suit for 3D audiences. "We found that we could print shadows on the fabric of the suit, and that gives the suit real density and depth on the screen," explains Barrett.

Lenses for Spider-Man's mask were made by a manufacturing company that creates sunglass lenses for the military and for NASA. Coated to reduce reflection, the lenses feature a blue-tinted optical lens with a gold hexagon mirrored pattern printed on top.

The end result was impressive - especially to the man who would wear it. "The first time I saw the suit, I thought it was so cool, and Kym did an incredible job reimagining the suit while remaining true to what Steve Ditko originally drew," recalls Garfield. "The first time I put on the suit, it was kind of surreal and joyous, because you see yourself embodying something that's meant so much to you." The suit took 20 minutes for Garfield to put on for shooting, assisted by costumer Robert Moore.

Peter Parker creates mechanical web-shooters in his uncle's basement. "It fits in with our goal to make Peter's world seem real," says Webb. "Peter Parker is very much a kid of today. He wouldn't wait around for someone to invent web-shooters; he'd be on the internet, doing research and figuring out how to make them himself. He's got a head for this stuff naturally - designing the web-shooters is just the next logical step for him."

In designing the web-shooters, Barrett was inspired by wide leather watchbands which had a plastic cover that snapped over the watch to protect its face. "We thought Peter would think these were perfect," says Barrett. "Take out the watch and you have a great housing for the web-shooters. Snap the cover over it to hide it, and when you're walking down the street, it just looks like you're wearing a watch."

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