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About The 3D Photography
The Amazing Spider-Man was shot in 3D, and for the filmmakers, it is a key choice. "3D isn't right for every movie, but 3D was made for Spider-Man," says Avi Arad. "It is another way we have of keeping the audience immersed in the storytelling. You see the world through his eyes and you feel like Spider-Man - the exciting moments are even more exciting. But what might be surprising is that 3D makes the intimate moments more intimate as well - I can think of some scenes that are quite emotional that are even more emotional in 3D. It's a perfect choice for this movie."

"We wanted to put people in Peter Parker's shoes and Spider-Man's shoes in this film, to let them experience the thrills themselves. What better way to do that to enhance the reality than through 3D," notes Webb. "It's the ideal format to allow the audience to viscerally experience the quality of moving through space, flying through the air, swinging through Manhattan."

Webb referred to the "3 Vs" - "Velocity, Vertigo, and Volume" - as keystones for his approach. "It seemed to me that Spider-Man was the perfect venue for immersing the audience into the experience of flying with the character," he says. "I like to shoot things from a subjective point of view, so in creating a connection between the camera and the character, the three dimensionality of it gives you the feeling of the sense of velocity when Spider-Man swings through the streets."

John Schwartzman, the Academy Award® nominated director of photography, and Rob Engle, Sony Pictures Imageworks' 3D visual effects supervisor, were chosen to collaborate with Webb on lensing The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D. The Amazing Spider-Man is the first movie to be shot in 3D using the Red Epic camera mounted on 3ality Digital's newest, most lightweight rig. "You could not have chosen a better movie to shoot in 3D than this one," says Schwartzman. "It would have been shortsighted not to, given the technology that has been developed."

"One of the things that's great about working with Marc is that he is so driven to tell this story, to make sure that the story beats are clear, and that the 3D helps support that," says Engle.

Marc Webb adds, "3D enabled us to capture not only the thrills of a huge action sequence, but the portable handheld rigs allowed us to capture emotionally charged, more intimate scenes, such as a scene between Peter and his Aunt May that felt palpable, real and authentic."

"John has a knack for creating really beautiful images, but what we did for this film was try to create an enhanced naturalism," explains Webb. "I wanted to create environments that felt realistic and not super stylized - John was able to give them a tinge of fantasy; he elevated them with his lighting so that the environments became warm and inviting. You wanted to spend time in this world and there was beauty and sophistication in even the simplest of moments."

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