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About The Locations
Filming for 360 took place during the spring of 2011 on location in London, Paris and Vienna.

Meirelles objective, seeing the world as he does from a realistic perspective rather than an idealized version, was that he wanted to show the cities the characters are part of in their natural state, as places where real people live and not just focusing on the tourist spots. He did not want to shoot wide beauty shots of the infamous postcard images of famous cities which are familiar to so many people. To make the stories appear as natural as possible onscreen he wanted to shoot in real environments, seeking reality not glamour, particularly when filming outside on the streets to make the journeys of the protagonists as believable as possible.

Filming took place in recognizable locations but also backstreets and hidden corners, a world that we do not normally see on film and it links all the cities in an interesting way. As the director of photography, Adriano Goldman, explains, "We looked for special framings to translate Vienna, it's not about rich people in Vienna, or Paris, or London, it's about normal people, it should be about real places. In Paris for instance, Fernando saw a street market that was being wrapped for the day, there was trash all over the street and he said 'I want to shoot here, right now! Bring me the camera, bring me Jamel, let's make Jamel walk on this dirty street'. And the result is really beautiful and you've never seen Paris like that."

London locations included Shoreditch, as well as Dalston a lesser known part of the city, Triton Square Mall which stood in for Berlin and for which artist Julian Opie created a walking woman piece of wall art, parts of North and South London, and London Underground, as well as Ascot Racecourse which stood in for Denver airport.

Filming took place in recognizable locations on the streets of Vienna making the most of the stunning architecture, and also at the popular market area, the Naschmarkt, as well as at the cities hotels including the Steigenberger, Savoyen and Le Meridien, in addition to the international airport, bus terminals and lesser known streets. The infamous 'ring' road that circles the city, and influenced the title of the film, features as Sergei and Anna drive around the city.

Paris locations included the bustling streets which are full of life and character, along with Charles de Gaulle airport, the Palais Brongniart which is the former Paris Stock Exchange, of which the interior was transformed by the art department in to a mosque, as well as private apartments and a dental surgery.

A Brazil beach features briefly as Laura walks along the shore.


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