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About The Story
Writer/director/producer Lawrence Kasdan conceived the story of an unconventional therapist and the quirky small town patients he treats from his own fascination with the intricacies of the human condition. He explains, 'I've always been interested in the way people work through their problems. To what extent do people just need someone to listen to them? To be a good listener, you have to be interested in other people—you have to be fascinated by the details of other people's experiences and lives. You really can't fake it."

The story takes place in the fictional town of Mumford, a picturesque hamlet nestled in a tree-lined valley, in a way, it's a perfect little town—big enough to be interesting and small enough to be protected from some of the realities of the world," Kasdan says. "There's a main street that's pretty, the sun tends to shine, and the streets are dappled with light. It's a little like the two small towns I grew up in, Wheeling and Morgantown in West Virginia."

For Dr. Mumford, it's the perfect spot to hang out the shingle for his psychology practice — for even in a town as seemingly idyllic as Mumford, a colorful assortment of neuroses, idiosyncrasies and personality disorders abound. His straightforward, albeit sometimes disarming, approach to therapy quickly wins him a devoted following.

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