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Making The Bone Collector
The filmmakers strove for realism on many other levels as well. "We brought in experts in virtually every area," says Bregman, who has made some 30 motion pictures, a number of those New York police stories. "There's a reality in this film that you very seldom, if ever get. It's been thoroughly researched and is a very accurate depiction of this world we've filmed."

Detective Hal Sherman of the Forensics Investigation Division of the NYPD has been a cop for 17 years, and in the past dozen years, has investigated some 1,900 crime scenes, including 1,400 deaths. He is someone who "has seen it all." Sherman served as the film's forensics consultant, having previously worked on Ransom and Clockers. He shared his expertise on the specifics of gathering evidence, which is the root of forensics.

In her research to play Amelia, the young officer who is reluctantly recruited by Rhyme and finds herself investigating nightmarish evidence, Jolie examined numerous crime scene photographs and reports.

Jolie says, "I had to do it to know what my reaction would be. You can't swallow, your mouth drops open and you just feel your guts empty-it's not emotional, it's a physical reaction."

One thing upon which everyone involved agreed was that as a director, Noyce is tireless. Producer Stroller quips, "I don't think Phillip ever sleeps. Nobody works harder than this guy, and keeping up with him hasn't been easy!"

Washington muses, "How does he do it?," and laughs. And then he answers, "Well, number one, Phillip doesn't sleep. He's up every night at three o'clock in the morning, working out shots. He's very, very, very, very prepared. I mean, he came in with a shot list everyday."

He continues, "Phillip taught me a lot about shooting film and understanding what a motion picture is, and how to tell a story cinematically, and he's excited about every shot, and about every take, and that's rare. It's really wonderful to see, and it inspires me."

Jolie says, "It takes a certain kind of a man to appreciate and really understand the type of woman Amelia is and all the different sides of her. And Phillip knows and identifies with her soft side, and he gets her when she's strong. He knows it's complicated and he's just as baffled by her and just as open to whatever comes out of me-it might be just what's right for her so we'd try 100 things because she's not an easy person to figure out."

"Phillip is a really cool director, but he's really big," says Latifah. "He's a big guy with a big voice and a big brain," she laughs. "A lot of people just work on the acting, or the shots, but he has a bigger picture, rather, the entire picture in mind, and covers all the bases."

Noyce's attitude about filmmaking is that the performance comes first. He says, "Everything else follows the performance. So when you're making that your number one aim, that's the cake and the cinematic flourishes become the icing on the cake."

But cinematic flourishes were a tremendous consideration in making The Bone Collector.<


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