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About The Production
When producer Sam Kitt first read Malcolm D. Lee's screenplay, he was moved by the universality of the story of young adults coming of age and learning to embrace adulthood.

"I look for scripts with characters that I can relate to emotionally," says Kitt, "and this film is about life and life's dilemmas. These are upwardly-mobile people who are attempting to get through their lives by adding closure to open wounds. We spend most of our lives obsessed with relationships, so this is something we all can relate to." For Lee, the story presented a unique opportunity: to tackle issues by delving into relationships from his perspective. A recipient of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award, Lee's passion for seeing positive role models for the African-American community was one of his foremost concerns.

"I wanted to do a real story," Lee says. "Educated people who haven't seen each other in a long time because they are so busy with their careers...a film where no one shoots anyone, no one does drugs, people just live their lives-that is something that is always interesting."

Lee admits that while the screenplay is not autobiographical, there are some similarities between him and some of the people he grew up with and with characters in the film. But he was also interested in developing characters that were successful, intriguing people with realistic goals and aspirations.

  "There are a lot of universal themes in The Best, fidelity, trust, friendship, is filled with emotional periods, and I thought it was important for the characters to show these emotions in the film," Lee says.

Fortunately for Lee, he was able to round up a first-rate cast of young African American actors to embody the roles in The Best Man.

The character of Harper Stewart, the upbeat, confident, promising young author whose steamy new novel Unfinished Business is about to hit bookstores, is played by rising star Taye Diggs, whose feature film debut in How Stella Got Her Groove Back made him one of the hottest young actors working today.

  "Harper is a little uneasy because he is such a control freak; he doesn't want certain things to happen, and there's something in the book that could possibly jeopardize the wedding," explains Lee.

Actor Diggs was drawn to the script because of his immediate kinship with the character of Harper.

"I am very close with my friends from high school, and whenever we get together we are always cutting up," Diggs says. "Plus, I love reunions."

  Diggs continues, "This is a very interesting story; it's got a little mystery, very pretty girls, handsome men and some serious present-day issues."

Lee elaborates, saying, "In Harper's dilemma, he's at a crossroads in his life, and at a point where he knows he has to make some serious decisions about his life. His career is about to take off, so he is trying to decide who he is going to spend time with."

Nia Long, who made her mark in such films as Soul Food and Friday, plays the aggressive, career-minded and sexy BET producer Jordan Armstrong. Like Diggs, Long was also intrigued by the script.


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