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About The Production (Continued)
"The men and the women tend to get polarized by the events of the night," says the director. "It's another problem with the group. They tend to reinforce their own opinions and it creates this illusion of knowledge. When you think you know something and you really don't, you set the stage for trouble."

Perhaps on the other end of the spectrum are Whitney and Trent. "I think that Trent and Whitney are looking for camaraderie," says Emily Procter who plays Whitney, "they're looking for someone who is equally outside the norm." Whitney, who takes care of everything and makes sure it's all okay, is split between her life with her friends and what Procter calls a "stylish sexuality." "She's a little bit off the beaten path," laughs Procter. "She's not afraid of her sexuality, she embraces it. But it's a side of herself she doesn't share with her friends."

"He's a complete freak!" jokes Ron Livingston, the actor who dons the golf knickers and argyle socks that are Trent. "He's got his own thing going on. He's not really bound by any sense of public fashion or style. He's not afraid of pretty much any stripe or shape of sex. Sometimes he can be a pretty kinky guy."

"The real bad boy," explains Cristofer, "is Trent, whose behavior is completely out of control. At the same time he and Whitney seem to have a kind of wisdom about them."

Someplace lost in between are Emma and Shawn. "Emma is strangely detached," says Cristofer. "She drinks a little too much. But for some reason when we were casting the film, I kept thinking she'd be the one who'd change next. She's a little sharper, a little more intelligent and sometimes seems strangely detached from the group as if she's taking it all in."

Sybil Temchen, who plays Emma, says she relates to all the characters. "Emma and the rest of the cast for that matter, are in that strange place in their life when you've left the safety of school where everything seems mapped out for you and now you're kind of flailing in the wind. You're not sure how to define life for yourself. I think Emma uses her drinking to anchor herself and eventually she'll see that that's not working."

Brad Rowe was cast as Shawn Denigan, "a quiet, sweet natured, old fashioned guy from Atlanta. He's the moral compass for the guys—at least that's what he thinks. He always talks about courtship and romance and old fashioned values, but when it comes down to it, after a few drinks he's as much of a miscreant as the others," says Rowe.

Cristofer needed to show the audience the contradictions in the characters. These are eight young people trying to figure who they are and how they fit into the world. They present one facade to each other, another to members of the opposite sex and even another to themselves.

In order to capture the discrepancies, Cristofer chose to take down the fourth wall and have the characters talk directly to the camera.

"The reason I decided to use the interviews," explains the director, "was because I thought there was a side to these people that we weren't seeing. Watching them interact tended to feel shallow because I think they were trapped in a pretty shallow dynamic. I wanted to go deeper and I didn't see them sitting down and talking with each other about the deeper, darker parts of themselves. I was trying to find a process tha


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