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Twin Falls
Finding the perfect location to double as Midland City was essential because the filmmakers were looking for a city that represented brand-new franchise America. "Midland City is a city that really could be anywhere in middle-America," explains Willis. "It has a lot of franchise food chains, convenience stores and big malls. Twin Falls is the perfect city because it has all those things."

Rudolph took Willis' suggestion and visited Twin Falls, Idaho, population, 33,000. After making the trip, Rudolph agreed that it was the ideal setting. He called Willis and said, "There's Paris, there's Florence and then there's Twin Falls. They're the most beautiful places I've ever seen."

Twin Falls was ideal for many reasons. "It was as if someone read the script and created the specific situations we needed right there," comments Rudolph. "Even the car dealership was perfect. The way that Exit 11 Motor Village was laid out was perfectly staged for us. Twin Falls fulfilled all of our requirements with seemingly everything in between, with its commercial district for Dwayne Hoover's world, and the city's old neighborhood that would serve as Cohoes, Kilgore Trout's world. In addition, the area's impressive landscapes set the stage for Trout's cross country journey."

"Breakfast of Champions" utilized twenty locations in and around Twin Falls, including such spectacular sights as the Shosone Falls -- referred to as the "Niagara of the West"; the Perrine Bridge, the "longest span bridge in the West"; and Craters of the Moon, 83 square miles of lava formations where Apollo astronauts came to train in geology and map reading.


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