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Although many names were considered when casting the film, the filmmakers had always had Geoffrey Rush atop their list for the lead role of Steven Price.

"I always thought Geoffrey Rush would make a perfect Steven Price, but I never thought in a million years we would get him to play the part." says director Malone. "I was very pleased that we were able to get him for this film."

Says producer Gil Adler, "Geoffrey never watched the original movie because he didn't want it to influence the idea of his character. Yet Geoffrey really captures the twisted spirit of Vincent Price's characterization, while bringing along his own unique talents that make him a lot of fun to watch."

From there, the producers were able to put together a diverse ensemble cast, ranging from an improvisational comedian to the hottest young talent in Hollywood.

Famke Janssen. a native of Holland best known for her role as Xenia Onatopp in the James Bond film "GoldenEye." was selected to play the role of Evelyn Price. "Steven and Evelyn have a definite love/hate, intensely sexual relationship. They love each other, but you never know what their true motives are," says Malone. "Geoffrey and Famke were able to tap into that disturbed relationship and entertainingly play off one another."

Rising stars Taye Diggs and All Larter play the respective roles of the film's hero and heroine, Eddie the former professional baseball player and Sara, the former personal assistant who masquerades as her ex-boss. Diggs' and Larter's roles are central to the story, says producer Gil Adler.

"When you are watching a horror film, you want to root for someone you can sympathize with," emphasizes Adler. "Taye and Ali have the charm and wit to be able to pull those emotions from the audience with their performances."

For the role of the demented Pritchett, the producers to sought an actor who could give the character an edge of humor. They soon decided that the role was meant for "Saturday Night Live's" Chris Kattan. "Chris was the ideal choice, with his abilities as a top sketch comedian and a dramatic actor," says Silver.

Rounding out the cast are Peter Gallagher as Dr. Blackburn and Bridgette Wilson as Melissa Marr, the wannabe TV talk-show host.

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