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About The Costumes
The fantasy world of DOGMA also required costume designer Abigail Murray to ask the essential question: what would the pantheon of angels and demons in the celestial hierarchy wear if they came to 20th century earth? Her answer was to reinterpret age-old celestial uniforms with a modern twist. "I went with hooded sweatshirts for the three angels: Loki, Bartleby and Metatron," she details. "I wanted to make a subtle reference to the hooded cassocks worn by angels in 14th and 15th century paintings."

For Alan Rickman, Murray put together a Versace ensemble specially adjusted to accommodate wings. "Metatron is very into getting to wear Versace," laughs Rickman. "It's not something he normally would wear and it's something God of course has scant respect for. But it pleases him." Rickman also had to wear a prosthetic that he coyly refers to "as the opposite of Mark Wahlberg's in 'Boogie Nights.'" Jason Lee's Azrael also wears a suit, a nifty seersucker that matches his clipped short hair, black hat and dapper demeanor. "I loved the presentation of my character," says Lee. "When I got dressed in his clothes, I really felt great, whatever that says about me."

Murray worked closely with production designer Robert Holtzman, matching her costume colors to his backgrounds using comic-book style pizzazz. "We were in total collaboration on the color schemes," says Holtzman. "I wanted the wardrobe to just pop out of the sets so it looked like a comic book where a character just kind of leaps out into the foreground. It helped the entire design knowing that Abigail's colors would be there for us."

But throughout all her celestial creations, Murray maintained a certain down-to-earth restraint. "The choices that Abigail made don't need to bellow 'Look at me, I'm a costume!' That is the sign of a true artist," says Kevin Smith.

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