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The Shoot
DOGMA was shot almost entirely in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city that has the strange distinction of being able to stand in for a host of other locales, in this case Chicago, New Jersey and Wisconsin. The production was, in logistics, organization and sheer scope, by far the most ambitious production Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier had ever attempted.

There were problems from up above - most notably, tremendous rainstorms and even one of Pittsburgh's rare but mighty tornadoes. "I remember looking up at the sky and saying 'wow,' Kevin, there's a funnel cloud' in the distance and the suddenly realizing it was real," recalls Linda Fiorentino.

But Smith was nonplussed. "I know it was a tight schedule and tight budgetarily. I know there was a lot of rain but for me it doesn't really seep in because I'm just concentrating. My job is always the same: I write the script, I rehearse the actors, and I make sure the actors reflect what I saw in my head. So I say thank God for Mosier. Without Mosier, where would I be? He takes all that other stuff by the horns and does a spectacular job."

In the end, Smith was awed not by the obstacles that faced the film but by its power to bring people together. "It was amazing to have all these people pull together to do it. Many of them got paid far, far below what they're used to getting paid. Their commitment was touching and heart-warming."


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