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Production Notes
Toys will be toys — except when their owners aren't around — and now the gang from Andy's room is all wound up and ready to play once again in "Toy Story 2," the exciting all-new sequel to the landmark 1995 blockbuster from Disney and Pixar. Buzz Lightyear, Woody and a colorful cast of toys are joined by a delightful group of new characters for an incredible action-filled comedy-adventure that is loaded with laughs, emotion and surprises. Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and all the terrific voice talents from the first film reprise their original roles. Taking the art of computer animation to the next plateau, the film utilizes state of the art technology to work its storytelling magic and create a world of infinite possibilities.

A Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, "Toy Story 2" picks up as Andy heads off to Cowboy Camp, leaving his toys to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggin (owner of Al's Toy Barn) kidnaps Woody. At Al's apartment, Woody discovers that he is a highly valued collectible from a 1950's TV show called "Woody's Roundup," and he meets the other prized toys from that show — Jessie the cowgirl, Bullseye the horse and Stinky Pete the Prospector. Back at the scene of the crime, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys from Andy's room — Mr. Potato Head¨, Slinky¨ Dog, Rex and

Hamm — spring into action to rescue their pal from winding up as a museum piece. The toys get into one predicament after another in their daring race to get Woody home before Andy returns.

"Toy Story 2" is the third feature directing credit for Pixar's acclaimed resident filmmaker John Lasseter. He received a special achievement Academy Award¨ in 1996 for the first "Toy Story" and went on to garner additional kudos last year for his second feature, "A Bug's Life." Lasseter has earned a reputation as one of the best storytellers of his generation and continues to be one of the leading pioneers in computer animation.

The original "Toy Story" became an international sensation, grossing $360 million at the worldwide box office and selling more than 22 million videocassettes in the U.S. alone. It also became the first animated feature ever to be nominated in the best screenplay written directly for the screen category. Among its other distinctions, "Toy Story" currently ranks as the third highest grossing animated film of all time (behind "The Lion King" and "Aladdin").

Assisting Lasseter on "Toy Story 2" were two talented co-directors — Lee Unkrich and Ash Brannon. Unkrich was a film editor on both "Toy Story" and "A Bug's Life" while Brannon had previously served as a directing animator and story artist on "Toy Story," as well as story artist on "A Bug's Life." The film's producers are Helene Plotkin (whose past credits include executive producing commercials and film special effects) and Karen Robert Jackson (an eight-year Pixar veteran who was production supervisor on "Toy Story").

"Toy Story 2" reunites the same creative team that gave birth to the original. Andrew Stanton (who received an Oscar¨ nomination as one of the screenwriters on "Toy Story") once again lent his hand to writing the screenplay. The film's other screenwriters were Rita Hsiao, Doug Chamberlin & Chris Webb. Dan Jeup served as co-head of story (along with veteran Disney/Pixar storyman Joe Ranft). Pete Docter worked clo

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