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The Countdown Commences
End of Days presented the filmmakers with a unique opportunity-to instill a genuine fear of the unknown into the masses. The story takes the audience on a whirlwind ride from the Vatican City to New York City's sordid Times Square, while touching on a present day topic which has engrossed the world... the end of the millennium.

While doom-sayers predict Y2K breakdowns, planetary alignments and destruction of the earth by earthquakes and meteor showers, the rest of the world lays in wait, unsure of the future, thus setting the stage for End of Days.

"Hopefully, this is a film that will entertain audiences while exploring age-old religious themes like heaven and hellÉfaith and death," says producer Armyan Bernstein.

Andrew W. Marlowe wrote End of Days after pitching the idea with Bernstein to Hollywood box office star Arnold Schwarzenegger, and wrote the film with Schwarzenegger in mind.

"I always wanted to work with Arnold," says Marlowe, "and I started to think about how his characters have been matched with so many great villains, but what haven't we seen? So I thought, why not go with the greatest villain in the history of mankind?"

After finalizing a shooting script, Schwarzenegger signed on to star as the reluctant hero Jericho Cane.

Schwarzenegger says, "It was just a fantastic script, so timely. I was vacationing in Hawaii when Andrew came to me with this great idea, where I would fight something much bigger than anything I had ever fought in my whole life on the screen."

 "Everyone's very aware about the millennium and this is the only movie coming out now that explores all the themes: Will the world come to an end? Will Satan return? It's a story of biblical proportions," says Schwarzenegger.

Fortunately for the filmmakers, they were able to land the ideal director to helm End of Days, in Peter Hyams, who also signed on as director of photography. (Hyams had previously served as director and cinematographer on numerous films, including 2010, Running Scared, The Presidio and Narrow Margin).

"Hyams impressed me with how much experience he'd had in the genres this film exploredÑthe supernatural, horror, action and even science fiction," Bernstein says. "Not many people have had more experience with these themes."

He continues, "After discussing the film with Peter, I understood that his unique vision and approach would bring the eerie tones of Andrew Marlowe's words to life."

Hyams was intrigued by the film's premise from the on-set, and says, "The attempt to address the issues in the film in a magnificent, frightening and believable way was the real challenge for me."

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