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Creating The End of The Millennium
Realism on End of Days was crucial for the filmmakers. Because the film deals with the battle between good and evil, the producers felt it imperative that the audience truly be frightened.

"If you see people in this situation and you don't believe the situation to be real, you won't scare them," explains Hyams.

An additional challenge for the filmmakers was depicting a shadowy, dirty New York City, but actually creating it in Los Angeles.

Fortunately for the production, one section of downtown Los Angeles which was built in the '20s and '30s (and which, with the help of new technologies), was able to double for New York. However, to complement this footage, the production shot second unit helicopter and action sequences in New York during the 1999 New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. "That is something that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world," Hyams adds.

Production designer Richard Holland collaborated with Hyams to coordinate the eerie look and mood of the film through the manipulation of color and light. Hyams strongly believed that the atmosphere on the sets should create an emotional response for the viewer.

"We converted an old Con-Ed Station to fill in as the underground Dark Temple," Holland says. "The temple needed to look abandoned, rusted and dramatic, so I used old photos of Chernobyl for inspiration."

The set was then accentuated with vast machinery, heating rods and smoke pouring onto the actors and 500 extras holding candles.

For costume designer Bobbie Mannix, the challenge was to costume the actors against a dark and ominous backdrop.

"The wardrobe is shades of black, gray and brown keeping with Peter and Richard's sets of grays, golds and ambers," says Mannix.

In summing up a film which takes an exciting and horrifying look at the eve of the millennium when the dark world and present day collide, Hyams says, "First and foremost, the film must be scary and stunning to look at, but it also has to be credible, dramatic and stimulating, tying all of the visual elements together."

He continues, "This is a film about our worst nightmare. A hero who did not choose his circumstances, and who, in the process, rediscovers his faith."

Schwarzenegger adds, "End of Days has a combination of supernatural, action, and horrific elements that is like nothing I have done before. My character starts off with nothing, wanting to take his own life but becomes a man who has found himself. Remember everyone is vulnerable when facing the devil. It is one scary ride."


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