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Set in 1985, The Wedding Singer stars Adam Sandier as a nice guy with a broken heart who's stuck in one of the most romantic jobs in the world

Set in 1985, The Wedding Singer stars Adam Sandier as a nice guy with a broken heart who's stuck in one of the most romantic jobs in the world. "Robbie Hart was the king in high school," explains director Frank Coraci. "Everybody loved him. Somehow he fell into wedding singing to make money, and he actually gets enjoyment from it. Robbie wants to write songs that mean things to people, but he can't find his groove because he's with the wrong girl. When he meets Julia, he begins to learn what love is and what he's supposed to do with his life."

Adam Sandler first stepped into the national spotlight when he joined NBC's "Saturday Night Live" as a writer/performer in 1990. "There's something about Adam's personality that makes me laugh all the time," smiles producer Robert Simonds. "The Wedding Singer was a little bit of a departure for us. Many of Adam's past films have been about the joke. They were about being as funny as he possibly could be. In this movie, we tried to make the funniest movie we could, but we also spent a lot of time developing his relationship with Drew. The chemistry between the two of them is just terrific."

"It was such a pleasure to work with someone who is so real and so organic and true in his performance," says Barrymore. "Humor and intellect make the best combination in a human being, and Adam's got them both. He doesn't see himself as limited. He has a stability that enables him to carry out all his creativity, and I respect that. He kept everybody laughing all day long!"

When asked about his co­star, Sandler replied, "I love Drew. Everybody loves Drew. My mother loves her, and even the birds in my backyard love her." This mutual admiration is clearly evident on screen as Sandler delivers his first performance as a leading man in a romantic comedy.

"I think the most incredible thing about love is the actual moment when the two people find each other," says Barrymore. "In The Wedding Singer, they literally find each other over a kid throwing up. It just doesn't get more romantic than that," she grins.

"Robbie and Julia start off as friends," Barrymore explains. "I think that's where all really good relationships stem from ­­ friendship. With friendship comes respect and honesty. Without those crucial cornerstones, lovers won't find safety and a sense of belonging."

For Sandler, The Wedding Singer provided an opportunity to showcase not only his acting and comedic skills, but also his impressive musical talent. "It's very rare that you have a comedian who can sing as well as Adam can," says producer Simonds. "He has charisma and a magnetism when he's up on stage that makes you have to watch him."

Sandler and his band recently released an album entitled "What's Your Name?" His guitar player, Teddy Castellucci, joined Adam on­stage for his Wedding Singer gigs, while music producer Brooks Arthur helped him pre­record much of the music in the studio and on the set for the live vocal performances. Arthur produced Sandler's first two comedy albums which went platinum and earned Sandler two Grammy nominations.

"In a way, this movie is like a musical," says director Coraci. "The music is essential to the story. The songs interweave with the comedy and the drama." Featuring a Maverick Recording Company soundtr


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