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About the Location

Shooting began on location in Phi Phi Le. Each day, cast and crew traveled on boats to the island while the camera equipment was moored on a ship off the island. Makeup and costumes also were set up on a boat that went out to the island each day. The production then moved to Khao Yai National Park to shoot waterfall scenes.

Due to the myriad difficulties presented by filming in Bangkok, the small town of Krabi doubled for the Thai capital. Additional locations included the middle of Andaman Sea (where DiCaprio, Ledoyen and Canet braved jellyfish and even a shark), Phuket and soundstages in Thalang.

While several of these locations matched the idyllic settings described in the story, Leonardo DiCaprio points out that the true nature of paradise can't be found in any exotic locale. "Richard discovers that paradise is something you can find only within yourself. It's not some far-off idyllic place. It's not some fantasy or the next stop on the train station. It's where you are now – finding and experiencing things on your own that will make you happy."

Danny Boyle adds that he hopes audiences take away two kinds of experiences from the "The Beach." "The first half of the film is a deeply pleasurable, romantic, sensual journey of what many of us crave for – paradise. The second half explores some of the moral complexities and contradictions that surround the concept of paradise. So I hope that people will find the film both a pleasurable and challenging experience."


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