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About the Production

Perry, who is known worldwide as Chandler Bing in the popular TV show "Friends," stars as Dr. Nicholas Oseransky ("Oz"), an unassuming dentist and all-around nice guy whose life has become unlivable but who has no easy way out of it. "He's kind of giving up on life," Perry says.

Bruce Willis, star of the highly acclaimed summer blockbuster "The Sixth Sense," plays Jimmy "the Tulip" Tudeski, who moves in next door to Oz in a peaceful Montreal suburb.

A man who has been headline news for ratting out the leader of the notorious Gogolak Gang, Jimmy is hard to kill. "Jimmy doesn't kill people who are close to him for one reason - he doesn't let anyone get close to him," says Willis. "He would have morals if they didn't interfere with his job."

Oz takes an immediate liking to his neighbor and they become friends even though he has recognized Jimmy as a hit man in hiding.

ROSANNA ARQUETTE plays Oz's wife, Sophie, who is simultaneously scheming to collect the reward on Jimmy's head while also trying to find a hit man who will agree to kill her husband so that she can collect on his life insurance. "She's just one of the meanest people in the history of film," says Perry. "But you can see why he fell for her in the first place because, after all, she is a hottie."

AMANDA PEET stars as Jill, Oz's bubbly, sympathetic dental assistant. "Jill has a lot of affection for Oz and can't believe such a nice guy could be married to such a horrible woman," says Peet. "Then again, Jill also has a pretty big secret she hasn't told Oz about, so she's no angel either."

Peet can currently be seen starring as Jack on the hit WB series "Jack & Jill" and most recently starred in New Line's "Body Shots."

MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, who previously appeared with Bruce Willis in "Armageddon" and recently made a sensational impression in the Warner Bros./Castle Rock drama "The Green Mile," stars as Franklin "Frankie Figs" Figueroa, a Chicago hit man who draws Oz into the Gogolak Gang inner circle. "Frankie came up through the ranks with Jimmy the Tulip," Duncan says. "Frankie respects what Jimmy has done and knows not to cross him. He's working for Janni Gogolak. His true loyalties are with Jimmy, but he's also a hit man, so loyalty can take you only so far."

NATASHA HENSTRIDGE, who shot to prominence as the half-alien star of "Species," stars as Jimmy's beautiful, estranged wife Cynthia, with whom Oz finds himself falling hopelessly in love. Henstridge describes Cynthia as someone who "grew up on the right side of the tracks. She went for the boy who was a little more dangerous than she should have gotten involved with. She's now living with the mobsters who are trying to track Jimmy down and also living with the knowledge that Jimmy wants to kill her."

Oz has finally found something worth living for. To save Cynthia's life, Oz embarks on a high risk gamble to outsmart Jimmy the Tulip and Janni Gogolak (KEVIN POLLAK) with his Hungarian gang, and to keep Cynthia alive without having to kill anyone in the process. Jimmy, meanwhile, has a new name for his hit list: Oz.

But he's willing to negotiate.

"It's an intriguing comedy that's full of twists and turns, and surprises," says director Jonathan Lynn ("My Cousin Vinny").

Producers David Willis and Allan Kaufman profess that putting together "The Whole Nine Yards" was probably the quickest deal ever made. Returning from a Planet Hollywood promotional trip in Dubai, Kaufman started to read the script, which had been given to him by Mitchell Kapner, a long-time friend. Kaufman, who went to the Planet Hollywood openings as the percussionist and the production manager of Bruce Willis's band, soon a


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