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About the Production
Freddie Prinze, Jr. stars as Al Connelly, a college student aiming for a career as a world class chef, whose passions explode when he falls in love with Imogen. For Prinze, the chance to play Al was a unique opportunity. "I was kind of looking for a project where I could actually play someone like myself because I have not had an opportunity to do that yet. This is as close as I think I could possibly get," states Prinze. "The way that Al is perceived by his friends is much the same way my friends look at me — and the way I think a lot of people see me. So, when I read the script, the connection was instantly there." In addition to its hilarious mix of characters and comedic situations, Prinze was attracted to the theme of love in the film. "I think at the core of the film, it's about love and I could relate to that in my own life. It's about love in a relationship with a woman and the relationships with your friends. If you look at all of the characters in this film, they all have a love and passion that drives them. For my character, it's his feelings for Imogen. For Imogen, it's her love for Al and her need to be independent and strong. Hicks wants so badly to be loved and he displays that passion in every single scene. For Monk, his success as a pornographic film star is hilarious and yet also a distinct passion. For Cyrus, it's her need to be noticed which she carries through in a very seductive manner. I guess passion as much as love would be the film's main root that people will be able to relate and hang on to."

Julia Stiles stars as Imogen, a talented art student, who steals Al's heart. Stiles was immediately attracted to the role when she first read the script. "What appealed to me most about the script is that it talks about first love and how strange and intense and wonderful that is. I think love is especially on my mind lately and I related to a lot of things that my character experiences throughout the course of the script." She continues, "One of the things that appealed to me about Imogen is that you really see her personality change as she goes through college. She starts off as kind of a silly and goofy young girl and then grows up into a sophisticated young woman. I'm about to enter college, so I'm not sure, but it seems to me that college is a time of really discovering one's self and you come out of it as a different person." On the making of DOWN TO YOU, Stiles adds, "I had so much fun making this movie. The person I obviously came in contact with most is Freddie. It's such a wonderful pleasure to work with him because he's such a thoughtful and dedicated actor and he really put his heart and soul into this role. That just made me want to try harder. But at the same time he's really laid back, and really fun to hang out with. He's almost like the older brother I never had because he would tease me and play tricks on me a lot."

With a supporting cast of flamboyant and lively characters played by, Selma Blair, Shawn Hatosy, Zak Orth, Rosario Dawson and Ashton Kutcher, DOWN TO YOU weaves together a multitude of eccentric relationships and situations.

The seductive Cyrus is played by Selma Blair. As Blair explains, "I play this girl named Cyrus who is one of the corral of friends that surrounds Al. They meet at the beginning of the movie and she is everything that Imogen is not. She's this tough girl who wants to be sexy. I don't really think she is as tough as she seems — I think she's definitely playing dress-up. But, she wants to be perceived in a certain way that is very sultry. It was fun playing the character that makes Al squirm." Upon reading the script, Blair knew that she wanted to be involved in DOWN TO YOU. "The script was so beautiful, I wanted to be a part of it immediately. It's a love story that embodies all of the temptations and the friends and the fun you want to have while trying to settle into a r


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