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On The Set
Reflecting upon the experience of his first feature film, Jarecki comments that he quickly lost any intimidation about working with such a gifted and award-winning cast. "Right from the beginning, we were all partners, and they brought an enthusiasm and commitment to it that was incredible. I had the right group of collaborators so by the time we got to set, we knew each other really well and we knew what we were looking for."

If any of the cast were apprehensive about working with a first-time director, their doubts were erased after that intense rehearsal period which prepared them for a 31-day shoot. "Nick is incredible. He has a deep enthusiasm for making movies, unlike anything I have ever seen before," says Marling. "His energy affects everyone. The thing that's amazing about working with him is that he always talks to actors in terms of story and character, instead of being result-oriented which makes it much easier for me to do my job. I love that he comes at it from that perspective; it's marvelous."

Gere was always impressed with Jarecki's screenplay -- his entrance to the project initially. "As a writer, he's kind of astonishing, and as a director he's still learning, but his instincts are terrific and I think this is probably the first of a long career for him," he says.

Roth and Jarecki spent a lot of time at Fanelli's restaurant in New York City discussing the script and Roth actually ended up creating two new scenes for the film. Notes Roth, "I loved what he was doing with the script, but I liked the execution of it even more. On set, he's tightening the screws as we progress in the story, increasing the pressure with each step. Robert's options get narrower and narrower and the audience will feel that tension." Adds Jarecki, "It was the unrelenting dimension Tim brought to it -- he was ferocious, like a mad dog after a bone, and those instincts brought the character off the page. He truly elevated what I wrote-he made Bryer his own."

Parker enjoyed working with a writer/director. "He's really big on comfort. I asked him on set -- 'how do you control your actors?' and he said 'I don't. I've already seen the movie in my head a thousand times -- it's old to me. Now I'm looking for ways you guys can help me make it new again.' I love that perspective," adds Parker.

"Making this film was a dream come true -- the absolute best part of my short life so far and I felt lucky every day I got to do it. I hope I get that chance again soon," says Jarecki. "When you work with this degree of passion and commitment from a cast and crew, it's enormously fulfilling. Nobody was getting big money -- they were all there to make a great movie and that devotion to the work carries a long way."

Concludes Jarecki, "Someone smart said that changes in quantity effect a change in quality. There were so many thousands of decisions and contributions made every day by every single person who worked on our movie and they all strived tirelessly to make them the best they could be. I know that the quantity of effort did change the quality -- it went straight up. I'm really proud of what we accomplished."


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