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The Cast & Simon West
The actors shared their thoughts on director Simon West: Josh Lucas declares, "I think a lot of times with action directors there's a sense that they are very difficult people, not the nicest people, and yet they get great images; so part of it is a tradeoff that you go into it knowing it's going to be a difficult experience.  With Simon, He's got a reputation as being real, in a sense a really friendly actors' director who happens to also make wonderful, big, playful action films."

He continues, "It was big bold dangerous filmmaking in many ways which is part of the thing that Simon brings to it.  Mostly it comes down to the fact that Simon is a director who understands action, and understands the entertainment playful form of action."

Mark Valley offers, "I really love working with him.  He comes from an editing background.

He makes decisions quickly, he knows what he wants, and somehow he's still got this Woody Allen quality about him as well, like he really can appreciate these small little bits of humor and little moments that some of us manage to throw in… or sometimes it can happen just by accident!"

Malin Akerman reflects, "You know sometimes you meet people and it feels like you've known them for a really long time?  It was that feeling immediately. We had the same views on the characters and the script, and I'm a fan of his work in the past, Con Air being one of them, which is great."

She elaborates, "The director sets the tone, and the tone that Simon sets is just super laid back.  I haven't heard him raise his voice, not once. He's super calm.  He's so great with his actors, he's so open and ready to try new things and he's also very clear on what he needs and what he wants."

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