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A Mutual Respect
Danny Huston describes Nicolas Cage. "He's an utter gentleman, an absolute joy to work with and a serious actor, but once we've got the scene down it's a lot of fun to kid around with him.  Its great to know that he's got the humor after we do a scene that's maybe quite tense."

Mark Valley comments, "Honestly I think the quirky thing about this film is Nicolas Cage's character, Montgomery.  He just has such a raffish quality and he's sort of an underdog, but then you kind of want to follow him and you want to watch him and be with him. It's a really wonderful part for him."

Malin Akerman sighs when she says, "It was so great to work with Nicolas, and he is lovely. I've grown up watching a lot of his films so it was really amazing to be working side by side with such a great talent.  And you see why, he's such a generous actor, he's so respectful.  That's what's most important, there's definitely no diva attitude and he's just full on, he's great."

Josh Lucas ponders, "Part of my whole joy of this film and the reason I wanted to do it was because any time you get to work with an actor of Nic Cage's caliber you jump at that opportunity, and the reality is there's only a few actors on earth who I'd put up in Nic's category. I mean he's one of the true greats."

Director Simon West describes working with Josh Lucas, stating, "Josh really embraced this character.  He came up with some great ideas and it was so fun to work with him on it. Every day he'd come in with another idea and a video he'd found or piece of music that he liked and I just took all these ideas and put them on film basically.  It was a great character to start with, but Josh really took it to another level."

Lucas enjoyed the collaborative effort to develop his character, recalling, "It became a lot of conceptual ideas of what about this, what about this, what about this?  And throwing them back and forth between Simon, and me and the makeup people, me and the design people; and how you create basically, hopefully, one of the memorable villain madmen to be on screen in a little while," he laughs.

Malin Akerman compliments, "What I like about a lot about this film is that one of our friends and colleagues, Vincent, who's played by Josh Lucas ends up really becoming crazy.  Usually there's a bad guy and a good guy from the very beginning, but this is one of our friends who ends up 'turning' and becoming super crazy and kidnapping Will's daughter. So it's really a great twist and a really wonderful arc to watch Josh go through as an actor; to see that sort of difference.  I think that's going to be really interesting to watch."

Producer Rene Besson states, "The most important thing in a thriller is its villain.  And we searched long and hard for a capable, intelligent cold hearted villain and we found that in Josh Lucas. And I think everybody is going to be immensely surprised at what he's able to do in this film."

He adds. "Josh is a very unique talent, and very sharp:  There's an edge to him a lot of people have not yet picked up on yet that really comes through in this project.  I think we're all going to be really surprised by what Josh brings to this."

When asked about Sami Gayle, Nicolas Cage affirms, "Sami is first of all a lovely person.  She's a real, kind, good person, and you just feel that when you meet her.  Lovely smile, and just a charm about her that is 100 percent authentic, and you can't help but love her.  So that comes through in her character, and also she's a hard worker; she really is very professional. She always comes up with something that is like no acting- you feel it's almost effortless.  In every take there's almost something instinctual and intuitive about her work."  

Josh Lucas was initially concerned about the challenging scenes he would play with the young actress. He reflects, "Most of my experience with this movie was working with the actress Sami Gayle.  When I first asked Simon about her I said, 'Is she tough, is she strong?' And he kind of chuckled and said, 'You'll see!'"

Malin Akerman describes how she was in awe of Sami, proclaiming, "I always am fascinated when you get young actresses like Sami who's a 15 year old girl who plays in such a really heavy really intense scenes. It's amazing to watch her!"  

Producer Rene Besson maintains, "Sami Gayle is an amazingly capable young actress.  The emotional range that she displays and the places that she has to go in this film…it's a challenge for anyone and she really knows how to pull that off.  She's just so intuitive with what she does that you just truly believe that this is a person who is in incredible peril and you have great sympathy for her."

Nicolas Cage and Mark Valley were equally impressed with Danny Huston.  Cage exclaims, "Wow, you cant help but just love his voice and the way he chooses to deliver his lines. There's a real musical quality to Danny Huston's delivery."

Mark Valley reflects, "Danny's a lot of fun, he's a real prince. He's just a really talented guy who comes into a scene with his own perspective of things and he also has a really wonderful directors' perspective of a scene and how it will play out.  It's been interesting watching him work and looking at how he takes the scene. Danny kind of comes around through another entrance…"

Nicolas Cage also admired Mark Valley, confessing, "Mark is wonderfully funny, he has a great sense of humor and he's a very impressive man.  He's a graduate from West Point and a total athlete, and it's hard not to be impressed when you're dealing with somebody who has those kinds of honors in his background!"

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