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What Is "Stolen"?
Director Simon West declares, "This film is technically a heist movie, actually a relationship movie, and it's really about the characters and how they interact: Even though it's got all the pyrotechnics and the roller coaster ride of an action movie."

Executive Producer Kristina Dubin proposes, "I think that Simon had a vision with the film from the very beginning…If you look at all his productions there's always a good sense of humor and his actors interact so beautifully and there's chemistry."

Producer Rene Besson proclaims, "Most heist films are caught up with the complex dynamics of plot, and they're obsessed with twists and turns and betrayals and double crosses.  What this film has that most heist films don't have is heart.  Because in a world where there was a master thief who was cold, calculating and manipulative, and everything was planned out and he knew how to pull off the perfect heist; what happens when that's completely set off kilter because the objective is to save the one thing in this world that he actually feels something for…his daughter?"

He surmises, that is what's different about this film. It's a HEIST THRILLER."

Executive Producer Kristina Dubin concurs, "I think it's going to be a fun date movie.  I think actually that the relationship between Nicolas and Sami in the movie shows so beautifully:  You're going to touch a lot of heart strings there, its going to be much more than an action thriller and it is that too: Its got lots of action, tension, great storyline.  She adds, "It has that whole element of you know you're going to be sitting on the edge of your seat from the start until the end."


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