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About The Characters

SENSELESS mixes a wide variety of humor styles along with a veteran cast of extremely versatile comic talents. Yet each shared in common one thing: a desire to work with Marlon Wayans, whose comic range and physical gifts seem to have the ability to turn a simple pratfall into wild twists, turns and discombobulations that defy expectation.

Matthew Lillard, whose savage but satirical role in the horror hit "Scream" drew its share of praise, plays Tim, Darryl's well­meaning, Zen­philosophy­spewing yet totally confused roommate. He observes about Marlon: "You don't see many comedians who can do physical comedy much any more. I think of Jerry Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the Marx brothers, and now perhaps Jim Carrey. Yet he's not just about laughs. Marlon can kill you with laughter, then turn around and pull your heartstrings as well."

"Marion is very, very funny," adds Rip Torn, who most recently has garnered accolades for his comedic role on "The Larry Sanders Show." "I pride myself on being able to keep a straight face in a scene where someone else is stealing it with humor. But there's a scene in this film where Marlon is dancing the tango with another guy that had me in stitches. The sound man had to tell me to keep it down."

Tamara Taylor, who recently was a regular on the series "Party of Five" and makes her film debut in SENSELESS, summarizes: "There is no end to what Marlon can do. He hits the ground without nets or pads, curls up like a pretzel and walks away unscathed. I have no idea how he does it."

Throughout SENSELESS, Marlon Wayan's clever, contortion­oriented comedy is contrasted most heavily with that of David Spade, who plays his archrival: spoiled fret boy Scott Thorpe. Thorpe is the antithesis of Darryl Witherspoon ­­ where Darryl has had to work triple­hard for everything he's achieved in life, Scott has had it all handed to him on a silver platter.

Their rivalry leads to comic opportunties as Wayans' free­wheeling style matches with Spade's talent for portraying characters with unfounded superiority complexes. Spade is best known for his sharp­tongued wit, showcased for years on television's "Saturday Night Live," as well as such films as "The Coneheads" and "Black Sheep," also directed by Penelope Spheeris and co­starring Chris Farley. Currently, Spade is starring on the highly­rated NBC comedy hit, "Just Shoot Me."

"David Spade is great with improvisation, plus he's a great foil for Marion," says producer Hoberman. "He makes for a good bad guy."

"He is just so cool," adds Marion Wayans. "David is funny and so droll. There are so many different kinds of comedy in this movie, and his is great because it makes his character so condescending and snide. David Spade is a classic at what he does, just like everybody in SENSELESS."

Ultimately, by assembling a team of actors and filmmakers with an affinity for seeing the funny side of adversity, SENSELESS tells the age­old story of a poor young man besting his wealthy peers with a tender twist. For even as Darryl Witherspoon weathers the tumult of too little money and too much sensation, even as he slips and slides from one chaotic situation to the next, he always somehow hangs onto his heart.


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