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Two Movies In One
Because Frequency takes place in two parallel universes separated by some 30 years, it required two wholly separate yet intertwined set and costume design concepts. For cast and crew, this meant that a common question at the start of any given day was: What year is it today?

"We essentially shot two movies in one," comments Gregory Hoblit. "One took place in 1969, the other in 1999." In fact, Hoblit had his technical crew construct two sets with identical floorplans - one decorated to represent 1969, the other to reflect John Sullivan's 1999 existence.

Even more complicated to handle was the fact that every time something changed in 1969 - even the slightest movement of a piece of furniture -- the consequences had to be physically reflected in the reality of 1999. Explains Hoblit: "Each and every department, from the art department to props to visual effects and wardrobe had to be aware of the effects of the time convergence. They had to realize that even a split-second event in one era would cause changes in the costumes, hair and makeup, furniture, picture frames, everything on the screen."

He continues: "Thinking through all the details could be mind-bending at times. Depending on how time warps at any given moment, John experiences multiple memories and even little minutiae of his daily life change, like family snapshots and items on his walls." "Great continuity was the key to this production," adds producer Bill Carraro. "With every new memory for John, the sets went through some sort of transition. Keeping track of all those minute changes in the background was the key to making it seem real."

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