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The Music
Although THE VIRGIN SUICIDES is set in the nostalgic 70s, Sofia Coppola wanted to avoid using the same standard hits so often heard in 70s-era movies. Instead of a string of chart-toppers, she opted for a more consistently other-worldly soundtrack by the contemporary French electronic group Air. "I listened to Air a lot while writing the screenplay," admits Coppola. "It has the feeling of a memory because it's very dreamy and ethereal. It's influenced by the 70s but is also very modem."

In the background, a constant stream of radio plays snippets of ELO, Carol King, Styx, Al Green, The Bee Gees, The Hollies, Gilbert O'Sullivan and Heart. Explains music consultant Brian Reitzel and sometime-member of Air: "I wanted to pick songs that were not the songs that everyone thinks of at first, but ones that are a little more obscure. It was important to strike that intimate chord that transports you back to that period. But we also didn't want to be obvious with our choices. We didn't pick any stoner rock for the film, which is what everyone seems to be doing."

Despite being French, even Air related to the themes of suburban adolescence. "Air grew up in a suburb just outside of Paris, near Versailles and I grew up in Redwood City, a hippie suburb next to San Francisco," observes Reitzel. "It's amazing how suburban households are so similar in different places. We all had a lot of the same experiences growing up. The suburban experience transcends regional boundaries."


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